Snowman Christmas Mantel Decor

by Alli

Snowman Christmas Mantel Decor is easy to put together and showcases my love of the wintry feel of the holiday, even if we rarely get snow. 

To say I’m crazy about Christmas decor is an understatement. I always look forward to decorating my house and our church. If Santa’s elves would help me put it all away once Christmas is over, I’d enjoy it even more.

Last Christmas my son-in-law built a huge faux fireplace for a Christmas play at church. It had to be big because it was front and center on the stage. 

This year we had other things going on up there so I begged, pleaded, and cajoled him into cutting it down to fit in the fellowship hall (much lower ceiling, much smaller room).

I moved things around to accommodate our new faux fireplace and I really like how it turned out so I thought I’d share a few pics with you.

Snowy Christmas Mantel Decor

I wanted to create a snowy Christmas scene with touches of red and blue. Making the snow globes was the most fun of all.  

When it comes to seasonal decor, I always shop my house for items I’ve used in the past. It’s fun to create an entirely new look by reusing decor from previous years.

Christmas Mantle Decor

Funny Story: I directed a wedding at our church a few weeks ago and the bride wanted all the posed pictures made in front of my faux fireplace and Christmas tree.

Epsom Salt Is The Perfect Fake Snow

I was standing to the side, out-of-the-way, when I noticed a lady picking up one of my wine glass snow scenes from the kitchen island. She reached inside and touched the faux snow.

She was trying to figure out what I had used. It’s always Epsom salt for my snow creations. It’s sparkly, it’s white, it’s beautiful!

I have to give a special shout out to my sister, Melinda, for sending me a pair of gently used ice skates from Colorado.  It completed my decor.  Thanks, Melinda!

Here’s my Christmas Mantel Decor

Christmas Mantle Decor

Here’s a close-up of a snow scene.

Snow GlobesChristmas DecorChristmas Mantle DecorChristmas DecorChristmas Mantle DecorChristmas Decor

I later added real wood to the faux fireplace to make it look more realistic.  What theme did you use this year?