Fall Burlap Wreath

I know that fall burlap wreaths have been all the rage for several years and yet I’m just now jumping on the bandwagon.  I never really wanted one until I saw Denyse’s at Glitter, Glue and Paint.  You can find it here, including a list of supplies that you will need.  I really like it, so I used it as my inspiration.

After seeing Denyse’s fall burlap wreath, I needed to make a trip to Hobby Lobby, except it was not on my way to the restaurant supply warehouse in Charlotte – it was on the other side of town – so I decided to drop by Michael’s, except they had closed the location I would be driving near, so I stopped at a JoAnn’s Fabric and they didn’t have what I needed.  So the next day I headed to Hobby Lobby in Florence.  Gosh.  All that to get supplies for a wreath.

So, on a Friday night, while the hubs and I watched something on TV that he had recorded a few days ago, I worked on my wreath.  You know I can’t do one thing at a time.  I did look at several tutorials, but just couldn’t get the hang of any of them, so I just did my own thing.  That’s how I roll!  🙂

Also, in the last picture, the one of the wreath hanging on my front door, it looks like the burlap is darker at the top of the wreath than at the bottom (or am I the only one noticing this?).  It’s the way the sun is shining on the door and I didn’t want to wait to take another pic.  It’s all good!

Using my work table made it much easier!

Using my old work table made it much easier!


First off, I don’t like to have to tie things on and that sort of thing, so I made my wreath without using hot glue, florist wire or anything.  And I’ve tested it on my door for over a week before writing this post and nothing has dislodged.  It still looks the same as the day I made it.  And, believe me, the grands have been in and out over the last few days so the  front door has been slammed numerous times.

I started from the back of the wire wreath and just took turns pushing the roll of burlap  up between the three wires, fluffing it and going in between the next wire, making sure I went between each of the three wires each time.  I kept pushing the loops close together so the frame of the wreath wouldn’t show.  I kept checking the wreath to make sure I was making the same size loops.  I noticed I had a tendency to get bigger and bigger with the loops, so I did have to adjust a few of them.

At the end, I left an area covered with burlap, but with smaller loops, because that is where I wanted to stick my flowers, pumpkin and grasses.burlapwreath1

And, that’s it.  I have a clear  command hook that I leave at the top of the glass on my front door to hang wreaths.  I bet it didn’t take over 20 minutes from start to finish.  I should have timed it.

I did make a fall ribbon, but I thought it looked weird with all the fluff of the burlap going on.  So I didn’t attach it.


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  1. Your wreath is GORGEOUS! Definitely worth driving all the way to Hobby Lobby to secure your supplies!

  2. Alli, your wreath looks beautiful! You did such a beautiful job and it looks just perfect on your door! Thanks for sharing and pinning! Have a happy Monday!

  3. This is beautiful, Alli! I haven’t tried a burlap wreath yet, but you’ve inspired me to give it a shot! Thanks for sharing!

    ~Abby =)

  4. What a gorgeous wreath! You adorned it so perfectly…..and I hear ya on what you need to do when you “just want to get some fabric”. Hobby Lobby is an hour from me, so I constantly have a “Hobby Lobby Shopping List” going!

    • Hobby Lobby is an hour from me, too! I always have a list on my cell phone! Can’t wait to check out your chicken parm. soup. Sounds heavenly!

  5. This is so pretty!!

  6. Beautful!

  7. I’ve never used one of those wreath forms or burlap ribbon either, it looks fabulous!

  8. Hey Alli,
    First let me say your wreath is just gorgeous. I went to Michaels over the weekend with the idea of trying another wreath project that I had seen on another site. It called for 45 yards of tulle cut 6 inches wide. Well to me paying 9.99 a spool for that much tulle or burlap was just a bit ridiculous. So, after having danced around the bush once again I’ll get to my question. Do you mind telling me what size wreath form you used and how much of the fabric. Thanks so much in advance. Have a blessed day. <3 Kim

    • I used two spools of burlap garland (total of 20 feet) and the 16″ wreath frame. I went to Hobby Lobby for everything except the burlap garland. I bought it at JoAnn’s Fabrics. They had burlap wreaths already made up at Hobby Lobby for almost $100.00 each! They were a little bigger than mine but I didn’t think they were that cute and certainly not $100 cute! I didn’t really add up the cost, but it wasn’t that much at all. I know it wasn’t over $35.00, if that much.

      Thanks so much for your comment!

  9. This is so pretty! 🙂

    Thanks for joining the Link Up this week!

  10. I am absolutely in love with this! What a beautiful wreath! I’m adoring the burlap. It’s absolutely stunning! I almost want to run by your house and snatch it. 😉 hehe

  11. Wow I am so behind I have never seen these before but they look amazing. You did a great job, the ruffles with the burlap sack gives it such an appealing look. I totally want to make a Christmas burlap sack wreath 🙂

  12. Alli!!! I love your wreath and I’m so glad I was able to inspire you. Yours turned out beautifully!!!! Love, Love, Love it!!!


  13. I haven’t liked a lot of the burlap things I’ve seen–but I love this! Great job! Thanks for linking up at Bloggers Brags Weekly Pinterest Party. I pinned your wreath to the Bloggers Brags Pinterest Board and to my personal boards.

    • I haven’t liked a lot of burlap things, either. I guess that is why it took me so long to try it. Thanks for your wonderful linky party!

  14. felicia izzard says

    I like both fall wreaths you made. I will definitely make one. How soon can you start putting out fall decor. I cleaned my porch today and just wondering. I don’t want to decorate twice

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