HGTV Copycat Candy Wrapper Lampshade

It’s hit or miss Wednesday!  If you’re new to the blog, welcome!  Every Wednesday I share a recipe or a project that I’ve found in a magazine or on Pinterest, etc. and report on whether it’s a hit or miss.  I do have to say that I’ve had more hits than misses!  You can find last week’s hit or miss DIY Duck Tape Beach Bag here!

I was thumbing through September’s edition of HGTV magazine (one of my two favorite magazines) and found the cutest little DIY Candy Wrapper Lamp Shade using Starburst wrappers.  I knew my 5 year old grandson would get a kick out of it, so I made him one.

I had to unwrap a lot of sunburst candies to get the wrappers I needed (about 50).  I couldn’t find the directions on their website, so I’m sharing them here.

candy wrapper lampshade


HGTV Copycat Candy Wrapper LampShade

  • Starburst Candy Wrappers
  • Spray Mount Glue
  • Matte Mod Podge
  • Small Lampshade

After carefully unwrapping candies (put the unwrapped candies in a ziplock bag to keep fresh for later), place the wrappers, printed side up, on a sheet of wax paper and iron on medium to get the wrinkles out and to release any bits of candy stuck to the wrapper.

Using spray mount glue, affix wrappers to the shade in vertical rows, overlapping wrappers slightly.

Brush on a thin coat of matte Mod Podge to seal.  Let dry overnight.

Candy Wrapper Lampshade

Special Note:  I had my iron on medium,  but some of the wrappers stuck to the iron.  I turned the iron on low and they continued to stick.  Maybe I have a hot iron!   I then placed a sheet of waxed paper on top of the wrappers so that the wrappers were wedged between two sheets of waxed paper.  Some of the wrappers stuck to the  wax paper, but it was easy to peel off.

Hit or Miss?  This was a cute, simple little project, but my grandson is over the moon!  He can’t wait to put it in his bedroom.  He’s also looking forward to eating that leftover candy!

One thing I noticed is that my wrappers retained some of their wrinkles and the lamp in the magazine seemed to be wrinkle free or photo shopped.  I’m guessing the second option.  Also, some of the wrappers didn’t stick as well to the mounting glue and I had to go back over some of the edges.  I’m calling mine a rustic candy wrapper lampshade.  My grandson calls it awesome and that’s all that matters!

Candy Wrapper Lampshade




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  1. Now this is a project my children could get excited about. My boys would think this lamp shade was the coolest!

    Thanks for the inspiration and for giving us the “real world” take on an HGTV project.
    ~ Ashley

  2. Such a cute idea…Who would have thought! 50 candy wrappers must have been a process to iron individually! No?

  3. That is just so stinking cute! Who would’ve thought? I can only imagine dealing with the iron on those wrappers! It turned out great. I’d say it’s a Hit! Your grandson’s often benefit from your projects, you may have to make a few more of these 🙂

  4. The joke’s on… there is no ziploc bag for “later” candies because they would all be in my mouth! I’m ravenous for those things! 🙂 Great use of reuse and recycle!

  5. Alli, how much fun is this? I vote for a hit, too, and I can just imagine how much your grandson loved it! This would be such a happy lamp to wake up to each morning. Thanks for sharing and pinning!

  6. This lamp is so cute! I would never have thought to put candy wrappers on a lamp but I bet S would love this and eating all the candy too!

  7. This is definitely cute for a kid! We just bought our first home and I am all into the fun DIY projects!

  8. First, you have a five year grandson? You mean, you are not in your 20s? 🙂 I totally missed this on HGTV. Very cool. I think any child would love it. I could see it in Urban Outfitters or anthro. Thanks for sharing. I like your hit or miss series.

    • LOL – I think I’m the only blogger not in my twenties! I do remember my 20’s, if that counts! 🙂 The lamp is in the very back of the September issue. I almost missed it, too.

  9. That is so cute! I could see something like that also being cute to use during Halloween if you had a ‘candy table’ for the kids.

  10. It’s a hit for me. This lamp would go prefect for my daughter’s room and they love rainbow colors and Starburt candies.

  11. That looks like so much fun

  12. OMG that lamp is cute!! I think it came out well 🙂 Every time I try DIY, I end up getting paint all over me or sewing the buttons on the wrong side LOL

    • Don’t get me started on sewing. I received a sewing machine for Christmas and haven’t used it yet. I need to watch the DVD that came with it to figure out how to threat that bobbin! 🙂

  13. That’s neat! Good way to repurpose something that normally gets discarded!

  14. What a cool DIY! I think my kiddies may abandon me after they get to open (and try to eat) all the candy for the wrappers…LOL

  15. Ha! Daisy would love this. She is way into reusing items from around the house! I bet lit up its perfectly adorable.

  16. I love the bright colors. It would be a fun summer decor piece!

  17. This is so cute!! My husband would gladly volunteer to unwrap and eat all the starbursts for me 🙂

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