I Need a Do-Over

I’ve decided that I need a do-over of yesterday morning.  Yes, I do.

Definition of Do-Over:  A chance to redo an action

http://www.dreamstime.com/stock-photos-calendar-fools-day-image7048653I hope you all had a fabulous Easter weekend.  I did.  Well, almost.  And even though today is April 1, this is NOT an April Fools prank.  No, it’s not.

As I’ve often said, I’m a little bit of a perfectionist.  And I like things to go according to plan.  While some people think that all my recipes turn out perfect, all my events are smashing successes and all my notes and time-lines come together in a masterful dance of flawlessness, I know better.

This is the centerpiece I did for the kitchen at church.

This is the centerpiece I did for the kitchen at church.

Saturday was a very busy day.  I spent the day baking cupcakes for a children’s Easter party, creating an Easter centerpiece at church and a million other things.  I don’t believe I sat down the entire day.  So, Saturday was a good, productive day.

FFC Easter 2013But Sunday’s on the way!  I awakened around 5 am to the sound of rain and thoughts of what that rain would do to my hair.  So, with a to-do list in one hand and a cup of decaf in the other, I jumped right into preparing my brisket to cook while I was at church.

If you click on the word brisket in the last paragraph, the recipe will pop up and you will see that the meat is cooked for an hour at a higher temp. and then the broth is added, etc.

Well, because it was Easter and I fix way too much food, I needed my metal baking pans for other foods.  So, I used two glass 13×9 casserole dishes for the brisket.  After the timer dinged, I removed the briskets (one in each oven) to add the broth mixture.  The first one went off without a hitch.  It had more fat and thus, more juices.

When I went to add the broth to the second brisket, I had a thought screaming at me from deep within:  “DON’T DO IT!”  (I had to use all caps because of the loudness of said scream.)

Did I listen?  Did I heed that still small voice that sounded oh, so loud?  Of course not!  It seemed like time stood still and then continued in slow motion as that room temp. broth splashed into that hotter than Haiti GLASS baking dish.  The explosion that ensued was surely heard around the world!  The end of that GLASS baking dish detonated and transformed into shards of heat-seeking missiles with one goal in mind – to take me out.

Was the mission accomplished?  Was I disfigured for life?  Thankfully, no and no.  The explosion missed me completely but lay in shambles at my feet.  I never realized how thick that glass was until I was doing clean-up on aisle kitchen floor.  It was a hot mess.  But I survived.  Note to self:  You should have known better.  That was a rookie mistake.  Don’t ever roast a brisket in a glass casserole dish.  Never.  Ever.

The rest of my pre-church morning went off without a hitch.  So I decided to borrow my photographer daughter #3’s professional Nikon and take it to church to get pictures of all the cute kids, and especially my grands.  And because I do most of my own food photos now, and a real photographer complimented me on one of my photos and thought that my daughter had shot it, I was feeling a little cocky.

So in the midst of taking all those photos, I asked daughter #3 to take some of the grands and me.  As she prepared to take the first one, she casually remarked, “There is not a memory card in this camera.”  I almost had a complete meltdown and wanted to slap myself repeatedly.

I needed a morning do-over.  Yes, I did.  The rest of the day was divine.  The church service was off the chain.  My Easter lunch was scrumptious and my tablescape was absolutely breathtaking.  I would show you the pics but there was not a memory card in the camera.  I need a do-over!  🙂

http://www.dreamstime.com/royalty-free-stock-photo-mashed-potatoes-image21875695Before I go, I do want to share a link to a new cooking technique for an old favorite that I tried yesterday.  It’s Slow Cooker Mashed Potatoes!  They turned out lovely and everyone loved them.  I used the red (new) potatoes.  I scrubbed them well and cubed them with the peeling on.  It’s the perfect way to cook potatoes while at church.

This month I will be sharing some wedding tips and pics!  Stay tuned!


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  1. Oooh, I feel your pain! I wanted a do-over yesterday after I made a stupid mistake that made me want to slap my forehead (instead I just cursed at myself). But at least the rest of the day after church went off without a hitch!

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