Make Monday A Fun Day for a Sundae

by Alli

Thanks to Sverve & Smucker’s® for sponsoring this post. All opinions are my own.

Mondays seem to always get a bad rap.  Have you ever heard anyone say, “Wow, I can hardly wait until Monday?”  Nope.  Those words are usually reserved for the weekend.  Songs have been sung about rainy Mondays and blue Mondays.

I think Mondays deserve much better, so I’m on a crusade to get rid of the Monday blues.  I’ve declared Monday a fun day for a sundae.  Wouldn’t we all look forward to Mondays if we knew dessert consisted of an ice cream sundae bar with all the toppings?

With my Monday sundae list in hand, or rather on my phone, I headed to Kroger to stock up on everything I would need for my sundae bar, including the best part of a sundae, the toppings.  I had already located the aisle for the Smucker’s® ice cream toppings by looking here.  Thanks, Kroger!

Smuckers/Krogers Ice Cream Sundae PartySure enough, when I arrived on aisle 30, all the toppings were right there.  Then came the hard part, choosing which toppings I wanted to incorporate into my ice cream bar.  Smucker’s® has such a variety and I wanted them all.

Make Monday a Fun Day with SmuckersMy favorite topping is caramel . . . or is it chocolate?  Decisions, decisions.  Why not grab one of each?  Sounds like a plan to me!

Smuckers®I also made sure to get some toppings the rest of the family likes, too.  I mean, really, it’s not all about me. My husband’s favorite is butterscotch, so it went into the cart, too.  All the kids like chocolate and caramel, too.

Fun day SundaeNow that I’ve got all my sundae toppings, I’m ready to create a Monday Fun Day Sundae bar.  But you’ll have to wait another day for that.

What’s your favorite Smucker’s® ice cream topping?