Classic Chocolate Cupcakes With Vanilla Frosting

Classic Chocolate Cupcakes are rich, fudgy and topped with a vanilla frosting. Add the “love” to the top if you’re making this for Valentine’s Day or just because. This recipe makes 24 cupcakes so you’ll have plenty to share. I’ve been making these Classic Chocolate Cupcakes for decades. This time around, I decided to add […]

Chocolate Heath Bar Trifle

Chocolate Heath Bar Trifle has layers of chocolate cake, pudding, whipped topping, and crushed Heath bars. It’s a family favorite.  I have been making Chocolate Heath Bar Trifle for years. This is one of those dessert recipes that is requested over and over. I’m always hearing, “Mom, please make your chocolate trifle.”  A few days […]

Cherry Garcia Cookies

Cherry Garcia Cookies are so pretty and delicious. These cookies are filled with chopped maraschino cherries and chocolate chips.  A few days ago, when I was finalizing my Christmas day menu, I was stumped on what to make for dessert. I’ve been making so many desserts during the holiday season. On Thanksgiving, I had a […]

Reindeer Unicorn Cupcakes Are Adorable

As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases at no extra cost to you. This post, Reindeer Unicorn Cupcakes, contains links to products I recommend.  When reindeer and unicorns collide, it’s magical! Reindeer Unicorn Cupcakes are whimsical, adorable and delicious. These are the perfect cupcakes for the holidays.  I’m completely on board the unicorn […]

Pecan Praline Topped Cheesecake

Thanks to ZULAY Kitchen for sponsoring this post, Pecan Praline Topped Cheesecake. All opinions are my own.  A delicious cheesecake is baked, cooled and topped with a scrumptious pecan praline topping. This is my favorite cheesecake. Welcome to the 12 Days of Christmas Ideas Welcome to the 5th annual 12 Days of Holiday Ideas event, […]

Peppermint Buttons Are Pretty and Festive

Thanks to Dixie Crystals for sponsoring this post, Peppermint Buttons. All opinions are my own.  Today is all about potlucks! Peppermint Buttons for a potluck? Yes! Whenever we have Christmas parties at our church, we encourage everyone to bring their favorite party food. I usually take several because I can never just take one item […]

Chocolate Cheesecake Brownies (Reindeer Themed)

Chocolate Cheesecake Brownies begin with a family-sized brownie mix. A cream cheese layer is added before baking. These brownies are topped with a simple chocolate frosting. Then the fun begins!  I’m thrilled when the grandkids want to come over and bake with me. Coming up with recipes they enjoy making is fun. These Chocolate Cheesecake […]

Pumpkin Cranberry Bars with Brown Butter Frosting

Thanks to Florida Crystals® for sponsoring this post. This recipe, Pumpkin Cranberry Bars, and my opinions are my own.  Pumpkin Cranberry Bars with Brown Butter Frosting are perfect for Thanksgiving or any time you crave a delicious snack. The brown butter frosting compliments the bars and these are easy to make.  I always plan my […]

Peanut Butter Brownie Cupcakes Are Easy To Make

Peanut Butter Brownie Cupcakes include my family’s two favorite flavors. Chocolate brownies are baked in a muffin tin and topped with peanut butter cups. It doesn’t get any easier.  I’ve been making peanut butter brownie cupcakes for years. Well, they aren’t exactly cakes because they are brownies.  Everyone loves to have their own individual desserts. That’s […]

Sheet Pan Pecan Pie For A Crowd

Sheet Pan Pecan Pie is perfect for holidays, family reunions and whenever you need a pie for a crowd. This pecan pie is a twist on traditional pecan pie. It’s a keeper!  When the family gets together for the holidays, I always have a dessert bar. Yes, I make several desserts because everyone has their […]