Painful Back? Try These At Home Solutions

by Alli

When you get to a certain age, you may find that a painful back starts to give you quite a bit of grief. This is from all the wear and tear of daily life, but if you have had a very laborious job throughout your life, you might find that the aches and pains can get quite bad. Unfortunately, though, having an office-based job won’t do your back any better. In fact, some studies suggest that working at a desk each and every day could be a lot worse for your back.

Painful Back

Want to try and find some relief from all the aches and pains? These remedies and solutions might help you.

Painful Back Solutions

Take Up Yoga Or Pilates

It has been proven that gentle stretches can help to improve the strength and suppleness of the back. Exercise classes such as Yoga and Pilates are really good for stretching out the back and helping it become stronger. So, if you do find that you develop some form of pain in your back, it’s a good idea to sign up for one of these classes. The exercise will help strengthen it and eliminate any pain. Don’t be tempted to rest as this won’t alleviate the pain – in fact, it can weaken the back and make the pain a lot worse.

Improve Your Sleep

If you have a bad night’s sleep, you are quite likely to wake up with an achy back. So, you should always try and get plenty of sleep of a very high quality each night. It’s also worth getting a new mattress. Old ones will be quite uncomfortable to sleep on and might increase your back pain. It’s worth checking sites like Mattress-Guides to find out about the best mattress to solve back pain. For instance, memory foam mattresses will be comfortable and give your back all the support it needs during the night so that you don’t end up sleeping in an uncomfortable position.

Improve Your Posture

If you do spend your days sitting at a desk in front of your computer, you might find that trying to improve your posture makes a big difference. Try not to slump over your screen and keyboard – you should sit as straight as possible, with your back against the back of your office chair. Ideally, you should work at an ergonomic desk and sit on an ergonomic chair as these will also help to relieve any pain you might be experiencing.


As I’ve already mentioned, you shouldn’t rest a painful back. That could make it worse. So, as well as doing some Yoga or Pilates, you should also do some exercise that is a bit more active, like walking or cycling.

Follow these tips to help improve your achy back!