How to Plan Dinner When You Are Short on Time

by Alli

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We all have those days – those days when you have way too much on your plate and you don’t know how you’ll get it all done. It’s days like this when the last thing on your mind is dinner.

Often times, I get so caught up in my work that I totally forget about dinner. Most days I really love my job, but sometimes things tend to get hectic. On those days when I have several articles to write, photos to shoot, parties to plan and soccer games to attend, I can get totally overwhelmed!

When my schedule is overbooked and I have no idea what to cook for dinner, I turn to my freezer. It is stocked with delicious meals that are ready in minutes.

That’s why I always have a backup plan! On those days when I don’t have time to cook, I keep my freezer stocked with Banquet Mega Bowls. Have you seen them? I find them in the frozen meals freezer section of my local Walmart.

How to Plan Dinner

My husband was pleasantly surprised the first time I served him a Banquet Chicken Fried Steak Mega Meal. He’s impressed that the portions are hearty and the Chicken Fried Steak tastes homemade. Plus, this mega bowl has 19 grams of protein!

Plan Dinner with Mega Bowls

Banquet Mega Bowls – It’s What’s For Dinner

The Chicken Fried Steak Mega Bowl is a favorite at my house. It’s filled with tender chunks of beef patty fritters and country style gravy on a bed of creamy mashed potatoes. Then it’s topped with corn, green beans, and melted cheese. It’s truly a mega bowl of deliciousness!

How to Plan Dinner When You're Short on Time

You can also find Banquet Mega Bowls and Meals in these varieties:

  • Chicken Fajita Mega Bowl
  • Steak Mega Bowl
  • Fried Chicken Mega Bowl
  • Buffalo Chicken Mega Bowl
  • Backyard BBQ
  • Salisbury Steak

I’m all about saving money when I’m restocking the freezer with Banquet Mega Bowls, so be sure and check out the Ibotta Offer below.

Check out this Ibotta Offer: Earn $0.50 off 1 Banquet Mega Meal or Banquet Mega Bowl!

Banquet Mega Bowls and Banquet Mega Meals leave you full without emptying your wallet. Plus, it’s nice to have them on hand when I need a quick dinner. I need to check the freezer and see if it’s time to stock up again.

How to Plan Dinner in a Pinch

How do you handle dinner on hectic days?