No-Sew Denim Christmas Stocking

by Alli

This no-sew denim Christmas stocking is so cute and easy to make – no sewing required! 

A couple of days ago my youngest daughter, Caitlin, the only child left in the nest, was cleaning out her dresser drawers to donate to a local charity.  We’re smack dab in the middle of turning her “dressing room” (aka guest room) into her bedroom and turning her old bedroom into a guest room.  We’re almost there.

As she was sorting her clothing, she found an old favorite pair of jeans that had finally bit the dust.  As I headed to dispose of them, she said, “Those jeans have always been my very favorite.”  Being the ever attentive, vying for the mom of the year award mom that I am, I decided, on the spot, to make something out of those “favorite” pair of jeans so she could hold on to the memories.

Side Story:  Now, let me make myself perfectly clear.  I’m not a seamstress.  I don’t sew.  I had the chance to learn to sew in my high school Home Economics class.  Our main project was to make a dress.  I picked out the most simplistic pattern I could find because I knew I was never wearing that thing and I wanted easy.  It was a sleeveless shift with a rounded neck and the required zipper in the back.

(For some strange reason, Crocodile Rock by Elton John just assaulted my brain and now I’m singing.  It’s not a pretty sight.)

My Home Economics Teacher Was Not Proud Of Me

My Home Economics teacher was one smart cookie.  She had also taught my mom and she thought my mom was the best thing since sliced bread.  Looking back and remembering the stern glances she gave me and the shaking of her head and rolling of her eyes, I do believe she wondered how such an awesome seamstress and all-around good girl like my mom could have ever given birth to someone like me.

I deserved all of those dirty looks because I could skip school with the best of them (this was the 1970’s, people).  Because of my little ventures away from school, I was forced to go to gasp, sputter, turn-red-in-the-face summer school to complete my unfinished sewing project.  I spent a week with my teacher and that stupid zipper.  I finally finished it, stuck it somewhere, and never saw it again.

Oh, how I wished I had paid attention in class.

No-Sew Denim Stocking Idea

Back to the main story:  All of a sudden I had a thought, “hum, I’ll make a no-sew denim Christmas stocking.”  All of my children and grandchildren have matching stockings with their names embroidered on them that I order every time I have a new little one.  Thank you, Lillian Vernon, for keeping those needlepoint stockings in stock for all these decades.  And I don’t know why my youngest daughter thinks it’s so funny that I order from Lillian Vernon.  She laughs every time I mention that name.

How To Make A No-Sew Denim Stocking

Anyway, you are going to love this no-sew Christmas stocking because it’s so easy!   I grabbed a Christmas stocking to use as a pattern.  I cut the denim material from the thigh part of the jeans and I cut so that a seam was on the left side of the stocking (one less side I would have to glue together).  Please forgive me if I use the wrong sewing term.  Note to self:  You need a new pair of scissors.

I cut the back and front at the same time because I don’t have the patience to do it twice.  I grabbed my trusty Eileen’s sewing glue and went to work turning the ends under and gluing away.  Then I decided to put a burlap cuff at the top.  I had some wide Christmas burlap ribbon that worked perfectly.  Again, I turned down the edges and glued away.

Then I realized it still needed something, so I cut out one of the back pockets and glued it on the “front” of the stocking.  I cut out a couple of belt loops, glued them together and made a loop for hanging.  It’s rustic.  It’s crude.  I love it!

When my daughter got home from work and I showed her the stocking, she went absolutely crazy and said she wanted to use it as her stocking this year.  So much for my matchy, matchy stocking display.  But I am throwing my hat in the ring for the mom of the year award!  🙂

I Added a Heart-Shaped Ornament To the No-Sew Denim Stocking

Psst:  I also made the little heart-shaped ornament and stuck it in the pocket along with the candy canes.collagenosewdenimnosewdenimstockingnosewstockingno sew denim stocking on greenery