How to Sharpen Kitchen Knives Like a Pro

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When my youngest daughter got married, she asked for my help when it came to picking out kitchen items for her bridal registry. The first thing I said was, “Make sure you add quality kitchen knives to your registry and you also need to know how to sharpen the knives.”

As my daughter and I discussed kitchen knives, I thought back to when I was a newlywed. I didn’t know one knife from the next and I had no idea that a dull knife in the kitchen is a big no-no. A dull knife requires more force to press through the food, plus a dull knife is more likely to slip than to cut. A sharp knife, however, slices right through the food and the knife does all the work.

If you’re setting up your first kitchen or need to restock an old one, here are the basics you need when it comes to knives.

Sharpen Knives Like a Pro

  • Chef Knife – A chef’s knife is a multipurpose knife that is designed to perform many kitchen tasks such as mincing, slicing meat and chopping vegetables.
  • Serrated Knife – A serrated knife is the best knife for cutting bread.
  • Paring Knife – A paring knife is ideal for small intricate work such as peeling fruits and vegetables.

Once you have these three knives, you can always add to your kitchen knife collection later.

Sharpen Kitchen Knives Like A Pro

Now that you have the basic set of knives, keeping your knives sharp doesn’t have to be scary when you use DMT Sharpening Stones. DMT Sharpening Stones are easy to use, plus they are made in the USA. DMT® is the leader when it comes to diamond sharpening. It’s really simple to sharpen kitchen knives like a pro.

Sharpen Kitchen Knives Like a Pro

To keep my favorite knives sharp, I use DMT Diamond Whetstone and the Diamond Steel. These sharpening tools feature the most diamond per square inch in the industry and a proprietary process that ensures near-perfect consistency in grit size, engineered to be the flattest sharpeners on the market.

Sharpening Kitchen Knives is easier than you think

Diamond Whetstone

Sharpen Kitchen Knives with DMT

The Whetstone model features a signature polka-dot pattern. For the quickest, cleaning sharpening, there is no substitute. The directions on the packaging are easy to follow. Place the edge of a knife at optimal sharpening angle, stroke edge forward. Flip and repeat. It’s that easy!

Diamond Steel™

Sharpen Kitchen Knives Like a Pro

Diamond Steel Sharpeners are so much better than traditional steels. These sharpeners feature a high-performance diamond surface that can sharpen a dull knife to its peak condition. They work well to hone and extend the utility of knife edges. I like that it has a hand guard for added safety.

To sharpen your kitchen knives with the Diamond Steel™, hold steel vertically on a cutting board. Stroke edge of knife downward, alternating sides of the blade.

Be sure and visit the DMT® website to see all their great products and learn how to use and care for these sharpening tools.

Now that you know which knives you need in the kitchen and how to sharpen them, you’re ready to peel, dice and slice with sharp knives.


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  1. My husband has said our knives need sharpening and since he does the cooking I think I will purchase this for him for Christmas as its the perfect Stocking Stuffer and something he wouldn’t expect.

  2. I have been using the same knives since my wedding almost 20 years ago and i can tell they are not as sharp as before. I will try these sharpening stones when I get them.

  3. Great idea! My knives definitely need a good sharpening. I admit, it is something I always forget about until the knives have become so dull!!

  4. I’ve never seen a sharpener like the Whetstone model. I have one like the other but have literally never used it since I got my knives.

  5. Keeping your knives sharp is important for safe cooking. It sounds weird, sharper knives are safer, but you are more likely to get hurt with a dull knife.

  6. our knives are starting to get dull. I need to pick one of these sharpeners up.

  7. I just purchased a new knife set last year. I have to get one of these sharpeners. This would be a wonderful investment for our home.

  8. Do you know I don’t think I’ve ever sharpened knives, I normally just buy a new one, but I should really think about looking to sharpen instead. I remember my Mum sharpening one before the roast on Sunday every week.

  9. I need to do this! Our knives are getting really dull and need to be sharpened. I’ve just been putting it off but I need to sharpen them.

  10. Ohhh, that looks so professional! I want one. Haha. I don’t sharpen my knives, I leave that for the hubby, but I’m sure he’d enjoy using it.

  11. Wow this post is perfect timing. My knives actually need to be sharpened so I definitely need to look into these stones. They sound perfect!

  12. I think it’s really important to find products that you’re comfortable using especially when it comes to sharpening kitchen knives. This brand sounds really awesome and I’d love to get those for my kitchen!

  13. I need to sharpen my knives, in the past I would just buy new ones. Then my husband bought something to sharpen them so we have some OLD ones! They probably need sharpening again by now.

  14. I like keeping my knives sharp because it’s also a great way to avoid accidents when prepping ingredients. Not to mention that we cook a lot at home. I think these are awesome tools to have in the kitchen!

  15. Our knives are SO blunt! My husband jokes its because Im too clumsy and would slice off a finger if he sharpened them but really, we just haven’t got the right tools to sharpen them!

  16. I have so many dull kitchen knives that could use resharpening! I’ll have to pick up one of those whetstones, that looks like the easiest method for someone accident-prone like me!

  17. I think pretty much ALL of my kitchen knives are dull! LOL!! I need to get this sharpening tool ASAP!!

  18. This is awesome! I think mine are due to be sharpened. My dad does it for me but, I totally have to learn! Hehe, thanks for all of this, it helps!

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