5 Ways to Stay Healthy During The Holiday Season

by Alli

The holidays are no longer right around the corner; they are here! This time around, I refuse to undo all my hard work by eating everything in sight. I’ve got a plan to stay healthy during the holidays and you’re invited to come along for the ride, um, I mean walk.

Stay Healthy During the Holidays

Last July, I made a commitment to get healthier. Since that time, I haven’t missed a day of working out. I’m going to pause right here and give myself a pat on the back. Walking/Light Jogging (3-5 miles a day) is something I do every single day. I also strength train several times a week. I’ve gone down two jean sizes and I actually enjoy working out and getting stronger.

My favorite workout is walking on the beach. I’m only at the beach a few times a year and I hate walking on my treadmill. This is the workout I do every single day and I have a yearly paid subscription to the complete streaming library.

Sure, I’ll enjoy my favorite holiday foods in moderation, but I have a plan in place to stay healthy during the holiday season and not undo all my hard work.

5 Ways to Stay Healthy During the Holiday Season

Keep Moving

When I took a hard look at my lifestyle back in July, I knew I needed to make changes. I haven’t missed a day of working out in 135 days. I refuse to back off during the holidays and I¬†schedule my workouts first thing in the morning, before my coffee. When I lay out my clothes the night before, it helps keep me on track.

Stay Hydrated

Stay Healthy and Hydrated

I drink water as soon as I wake up and all during my workout and I also keep a bottle of water by my side while I’m working. I also drink a lot of unsweetened iced tea. It’s a southern thing.

Enjoy A Little Friendly Competition With Friends or Family

My Watch - Stay Healthy During the Holidays

When my sister sent me an invite to share our activity progress on our Apple watches, it was on. She’s the workout queen in our family. Since I’m highly competitive, I accepted her challenge and it has helped me stick to my fitness routine. We cheer each other on and share our victories.

Get Rid of the All or Nothing Mentality

Personally, I don’t think Thanksgiving Day is the best time to start a new diet plan, but it’s also not the time to eat like it’s going to be your last meal. Indulge, but don’t make yourself miserable. I’m planning to pace myself, eat slowly and savor every single bite. That’s a biggie for me because I tend to eat way too fast.

Don’t Sit All Day

Yes, you are surrounded by good food, good friends and family, but that’s not an excuse to sit all day. My watch reminds me to get up and move every hour. Grab a few family members and go for a leisurely walk around the block and catch up. It’s much better than sitting all day. Of course, if you’re the one cooking the meal, you won’t have many chances to sit.

Keep Colds at Bay

Traveling during the holiday season can expose us to different cold viruses. Eating a healthy diet and getting enough sleep can help maintain a healthy immune system. I also take vitamins and supplements every day to ensure I’m at my best. Ultimate Nutrition has everything I need and right now is a good time to take advantage of their Black Friday Sale.

As we approach the holiday season, I’m determined to stay healthy, keep stress at bay, indulge a little and spend quality time with my family. If a few friendly games of hoops or football breaks out, I’ll be right in the midst of all the fun.

How do you stay healthy during the holidays?