Christmas Party Ideas, Games & More

I recently hosted an annual Christmas party for 58 women and we had a wonderful time.  We always use the slogan, “What happens at Girlfriends stays at Girlfriends.”  I wanted to share my Christmas Party ideas, games & more with you today. Because I was very busy before and during the party, I didn’t get […]

After Midnight

After going to the bathroom twice, mind you, and tossing and turning and wondering what in the world has awakened me at 2:00 am and willing my mind to stay asleep, the wheels of my brain slowly begin to turn and I can almost hear the little caboose singing, “I think I can, I think […]

A Tisket, A Tasket – Ideas for Great Gift Baskets

A-tisket A-tasket A brown and yellow basket – Ella Fitzgerald Seems like there is always an occasion popping up that requires a gift, especially this time of the year.  I bet, like me, you have received your fair share of graduation announcements, wedding invites, and all the parties that go with.  So, as I was […]