She Said, She Said – Best Foundation Ever

I caught up with my daughter, Caitlin, right before she whisked my grandsons (her nephews) off for a visit to Great Wolf Lodge. The trip is a Christmas gift to the nephews from Caitlin and my other daughter, Holly.  They’ve just now synced their schedules so that everyone is off work at the same time. […]

She Said, She Said – Skincare & Music

I FINALLY caught up with my youngest daughter and demanded that she actually join me in our MONTHLY She Said, She Said – January post.  It’s where we share our monthly faves. I mean, really, it’s been a while.  Man, did she make up for her absence.  When I received her e-mail, I thought she had […]

She Said, She Said – What We’re Loving in June

I’ve been trying to get my youngest daughter to be a guest blogger on my site forever.  Seems that she is just way too busy!  So I had a bright idea to have a monthly post where we share what she, as a 25-year-old, is loving this month and then I add my 02 cents […]