She Said, She Said – What We’re Loving in June

by Alli

I’ve been trying to get my youngest daughter to be a guest blogger on my site forever.  Seems that she is just way too busy!  So I had a bright idea to have a monthly post where we share what she, as a 25-year-old, is loving this month and then I add my 02 cents worth, as a 50 something-year-old (remember, 50 is the new 40).

Some of our loves may be brand new things, old things that we will always love, or something new-to-us that you’ve been loving for a while.

We haven’t been compensated for anything (I wish!), these are just some things we love!

So, here goes!  I’m calling this She said, She said just because I can. 🙂

A Little About Caitlin

Other than being 25, usually referred to here as daughter #3 and the baby of the family (and we all refuse to believe that she’s all grown up so we still kinda treat her like the baby), she’s a make-up artist, photographer, singer, youth leader at church and her day job is a title abstractor for a company that is co-owned by her sister (daughter #1).

What’s a title abstractor?  An abstractor of Title is a person who prepares and certifies the condensed history (known as an abstract of title) of the ownership of a particular parcel of real estate, consisting of a summary of the original grant and all subsequent conveyances and encumbrances affecting the property.  Bottom Line:  When someone buys real estate, she does a title search for liens, mortgages, etc. for the attorney or company handling the deal.

Moving Right Along

Top 3 Things that Caitlin is loving this month

She Said - She Said


1.  Any and all products by Lush

Lush Products

I first learned about Lush from Youtube Beauty Vloggers.  Some people like to unwind by reading, taking a bath or watching TV.  I like to fall asleep with visions of beauty products dancing in my head.  Too soon for a Christmas reference?  Well, if you like your products handmade, fresh, preservative-free, environmentally friendly and packaged in 100% recyclable pots, this is the brand for you!  My Lush collection includes:

Skin Drink Facial moisturizer –  This is what your skin would feel like if angels gave you a facial – amazing!!

Ocean Salt Scrub for face & body – Sea salt, vodka and lime team up to scrub away blockages (blackheads), dirt, and dead skin while avocado hydrates and brightens.  In.  Love.

King of Skin body butter –  You know how celebrities legs always look shiny?  You’re welcome.

Honey I Washed The Kids Soap – This customer fave is safe for the whole family.  Leaves you soft and smelling like…well, honey. 😉

Gorilla Perfume in the fragrance Lust – My mom says this smells just like honeysuckle.  It’s not a perfume I would normally pick (I’m not a floral girl) but I seem to keep going back to it.  It’s fresh, yet heady.  One spritz will do.

Butterball Bath Bomb – I tried to be thrifty and broke mine up with a hammer (don’t try this at home) so I could get many baths out of one bomb. 😀 I wish I would have just used the whole thing at once.  I feel cheated but  I loved the smell and fizz it produced, but it wasn’t enough.  I will definitely be repurchasing!

You can find Lush products here!

 2.  Music

The song Rude by Magic:  I loved the beat immediately, so to make sure I wasn’t listening to anything cray-cray, I checked out the lyrics, which made me love it even more.  Set to a Reggae Fusion beat, this song tells the story of a young man asking his girlfriend’s father for her hand in marriage.  He is turned down flat.  I mean, “You’ll never get my blessing till the day I die” is pretty clear.  This does not deter the young man as he proceeds to tell the father things like, “I’m going to marry that girl and we’ll be a family no matter what you say.”  The lyrics are hilarious and the beat will make you dance your tush off like you’re in a Sean Paul music video.

You can see Rude by Magic right here!

 3.  Focus T25

This workout is brought to us by the famous Shaun T – creator of “Insanity” (which I’ve also tried).  He condensed his brutal, tear-inducing, hour-long “Insanity” workout to just 25 minutes!  It’s grueling, it’s fairly insane, but it’s doable!!  And the best part?  IT’S 25 MINUTES!!

There are 2 parts to this program.  An “Alpha” month and a “Beta” month.  The “Alpha” (month 1) is your foundation – building your strength and endurance, learning the moves and becoming more flexible.  The “Beta” (month 2) is where you die. Just kidding!  You start to get more involved, using dumbbells or resistance bands (your choice), the moves become harder and you are pushed beyond your comfort zone.  There’s a modifier in every workout so start where you are!  A commitment was made between a friend and I that we would finish.  We’re on month 2.  Oh, and there’s a 3rd optional “Gamma” month and I think I’m going for it.

You can find Focus T25 by clicking here!

 Here are the top 3 things I’m loving right this minute!


She Said - She Said

1.  The Elf

The Elf

Picture from


Is it a car?  Is it a bike?  What in the world is it?  It’s a half bike/half electric car and if I lived in a downtown loft in a big city I would be all over this thing!  ELF is a sun-powered trike. You can pedal it or use the electric assist or get power through the solar panels or simply charge the batteries by plugging into a socket. You can find out more at  And I’m proud to say that it was invented in Durham, NC.  It’s a southern thing!

2.  My Fitbit Zip

Fitbit ZipFitbits are not new, but I’m loving my Fitbit Zip. Unlike the Fitbit bracelet, the Fitbit Zip is very small and attaches to your waistband or your bra and counts how many steps you take every day.  As you know, we should be getting 10,000 steps or more a day and if you don’t get it, Mr. Fitbit sticks out his tongue!  Naughty boy!

I have to add that this thing is practically indestructible and will not fall off because I accidentally washed mine. It never missed a beat.

I like the zip better than the bracelet because it’s not seen, therefore it can be worn with workout clothes or that LBD.  It’s so comfortable that you will forget that you’re wearing it!

And you can sync it to My Fitness Pal and other calorie counting apps.  Awesome!

Check it out and/or order it here!

3.  My two favorite leave in hair care products

Leave In Hair Products

Eva NYC Mane Tamer Leave In Cream & Paul Mitchell Super Skinny Serum

My hair is very dry so it takes 2, baby!  I’m sure all the highlights and lowlights I’ve received over the years does not help, but a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do, right?  Combine that fact with having hard water and it could be a disaster in the making.

Before drying my hair, I put two pumps of Eva NYC leave in conditioner and 1 pump of Super Skinny Serum and comb through with a wide tooth comb.  My hair ends up silky and smooth and not weighed down at all.  I hate those hair products that make my hair feel heavy and/or gummy.  These two hair products – weightless.  If you have dry hair, you’ve got to try them!

And both of us love the beach in June or any time of the year!

What are you loving in June?