Toilet Tissue Roll Snowmen

by Alli

I’ve been having lots of fun making simple holiday crafts, including these toilet tissue roll snowmen from empty toilet tissue rolls!

Easy Toilet Tissue Roll Snowmen

Before you start gagging and running for your anti-bacterial hand sanitizer, I have to confess that these empty toilet tissue rolls have never rolled their way into the bathroom.  

I removed them from the center of perfectly new rolls of toilet paper. Relax, I didn’t throw the tissue away.  I stored them in the bathroom cabinet for that day when we inevitably run out of tissue.

My inspiration for this idea came from my blogger friend, Cindy, who is a crafter extraordinaire! You can find her DIY Snowman PVC Candle Covers here and her snowmen made from empty wrapping paper rolls here!

I needed a simple, indestructible craft idea to add some winter wonderland fun to my Christmas themed Kids’ Table (coming soon) and the toilet paper rolls were free and easy. The kids will have a blast making these!

I painted the rolls with white acrylic paint and let them dry. After they were dry, I outlined the snowman faces using Cindy’s snowman tutorial from the PVC snowmen. I’m not an artist, so be nice. Then I just painted between the lines. That I can do!

Holiday Crafts for Kids - Toilet Paper Snowman

I bought the black hat at the Dollar Tree and it worked perfectly! I was too lazy to actually make the hat, so I just glued it to the top of the toilet tissue rolls. The gray toboggan was fashioned from an old sweater. You just cut and glue.

Last year I created a snow family from empty creamer bottles.  You can find my cutie pie snow family here!

Kid Friendly Crafts - Snow Family

Wasn’t that easy?  What easy crafts do you make during the Christmas season?

PS – Stay tuned for my toilet tissue roll Christmas napkin rings! They’re off the chain adorable!

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