Ultimate Christian Living Bundle

by Alli

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Kids are our greatest blessing and often, our greatest challenge! Just when you think you’re getting it figured out, they surprise you.

That’s why we’ve created this amazing Ultimate Christian Living Bundle of e-books, e-courses and audio books as a sort of family survival pack. It’s a library of over $1,140 worth of over 80 incredible published works, for just $35 that address the most important areas of your life.

I just have to tell you about some of the resources for parenting…

First of all, one of the best-selling authors in the world, Rick Osborne, who has around 90 million books in print, has written an incredible book called Teaching Your Child How to Pray. In it you will find: answers to your children’s questions about prayer, practical tips, helps, and activities for teaching the discipline of prayer, what the Bible says about children and prayer, stories and examples of how prayer works, and ways to reap the benefits of prayer for your children and see it affect their lives. Giving your child a sure foundation is something they will thank you for all their life.

Best-selling author, Ruth Schwenk delivers an insightful book, From Grouchy to Great addressing the struggles moms sometimes have, to keep it all together. The battle for Jesus to reign in our hearts and through our emotions is a fight we all face every day. The good news is that we don’t have to battle alone. From Grouchy to Great is filled with real-life stories to strengthen and encourage you that the battle can be won by God’s grace and wisdom. If you are a grouchy mom, or even a grouchy wife, this insightful, relatable book is for you.

Whether you’re needing to be an Even-Tempered Mother (Tabitha Philen), an Unwired Mom (Sarah Mae) or it’s just that Motherhood Feels Too Hard (Kelly Crawford), you will find a wealth of wisdom, experience and most of all, encouragement to restore your joy and confidence as a parent.

Parenting is a high calling and doing it well is a worthy goal. This bundle provides great books on this topic from some very reliable sources. May I suggest you take a couple minutes right now and check out not only the great parenting books, but also the sections on marriage, business and finance, reaching the lost and so much more!

Altogether we have 84 e-books, e-courses, audio books and downloadable DVD’s for you to enrich your
life with and even share for Christmas! We also got some pretty impressive bonus gifts worth over $160
that make this bundle worth over $1,140.

If parenting has been a challenge lately, these and other books in the bundle will be a great source of
wisdom and encouragement for you. Go ahead and check out this incredible bundle of resources for
home, family, life and even business.

The bundle sale ends on Monday or when 18,500 bundles are sold, whichever comes first so you might
want to get yours now!

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Remember, this bundle is available for 6 days only, from 8 a.m. (EST) on Wednesday, November 5th to 11:59 p.m. (EST) on Monday, November 10th (or until 18,500 bundles are sold).


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