5 Tips On Doing Laundry Like a Pro

by Alli

Years ago my mom taught me how to do laundry like a pro. Since then, I’ve taught my kids and lots more kids how to properly do the laundry. 

For several years I taught an elective class to high school kids entitled Social Graces. According to most of my students, it was their favorite class.  

I taught them basic life skills like proper etiquette, which fork to use in case they were ever invited to the White House, or a formal dinner, and how to do simple chores like laundry.

I was shocked to find that most of the kids (and their parents, according to them) just threw their laundry in a pile, dumped it in the washer, turned it on, and called it a day.  

As the laundry queen, I knew I had to teach them how to properly do their laundry and that they would thank me later. (Several of them have!)

Tide Pods - How to do Laundry like a Pro

Here’s my 5 Tips On Doing Laundry Like A Pro

1.  Separate those clothes

I’m constantly amazed at the people who don’t separate their clothes at all. 

  • Separate light-colored clothes from dark ones
  • Separate fabrics and textures

2.  Read the labels

Some clothing, like lingerie, needs to be washed on delicate.   You don’t want to accidentally wash a dry-clean-only garment. It usually shrinks so badly that it now fits your daughter’s baby doll.

3. Don’t overload the washer

Sure, I get it. Laundry is not my favorite activity, but overloading the washer is a big no-no. 

When it sounds like the washing machine is about to take off for Mars, there’s your sign.  Your washer is probably overloaded and/or off balance.  

Laundry doesn’t get cleaned properly when the machine is overloaded.

4. Choose the right setting

There are settings for water temperature and load sizes. If you’re washing a full load, make sure you don’t have the setting set too small.  If you’re washing a cotton blouse, use cold water to avoid shrinkage.

5.  Use Tide Pods

Tide has always been my favorite laundry detergent and Tide Pods delivers the best overall cleaning experience. Tide has a combination of great design, performance, and convenience.  

There’s no more wasting detergent since the pods are pre-measured. Tide Pods clean, brighten, and fight stains in every load of laundry.

Tide Pods

Helpful Hint:  Tide Pods should always go into the washing machine before adding laundry.

There’s even more that I love about Tide Pods:

  • To deliver a small liquid single use, a new formula was created that is HE compatible and twice as compacted as the current 2x Tide Liquid.
  • The three-chamber design allows the unique chemistry matrix to work synergistically in the wash for excellent results.
  • To ensure the best laundry experience for consumers, Tide Pods uses a new film that dissolves completely in the wash, even in cold water.

How to Do Laundry Like a Pro - 5 Tips

Like any household cleaning products, it’s important to keep laundry pacs up, up, and away – seal pacs up, store pacs up, and keep pacs away from your kids and pets.

For more info, you can visit Tide’s website, and follow Tide on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube.

What’s your favorite tip for doing laundry?

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