Affordable Interior Design Services For All

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Have you always wanted to hire an interior designer but didn’t think you could afford it? You’re going to love the affordable interior design services from Wayfair! I bet you’re now humming the jingle from the commercial –Wayfair you got just what I need! 

Affordable Interior Design Services from Wayfair

I get it. Designing a space is not everyone’s cup of tea. Some people don’t like designing any room, much less an entire house. Or maybe you know how to arrange a space, but you need help completing the look with accessories, wall art, etc. Maybe you know the look you want, but you don’t know how to get it. I’ve got big news for you! Wayfair recently introduced a new e-design platform called Design Services.

Affordable Interior Design Services for all

Affordable Interior Design Services

Wayfair’s Design Services is super affordable and comes in two packages to choose from – Lite and Classic.

The Lite package is $79 and includes the following:

  • A professional interior designer of your choice
  • A concept (up to 2 revisions)
  • Customized shopping list
  • Expert style tips
  • Unlimited messaging with designer
  • Up to 30 minutes of phone time with your designer

The Classic package is $149 and includes all the above and more:

  • A professional interior designer of your choice
  • A concept (up to 2 revisions)
  • Customized shopping list
  • Expert style tips
  • Unlimited messaging with designer
  • Up to 60 minutes of phone time with your designer
  • A 2-D room design (1 revision)
  • A custom floor plan

Wayfair makes it so easy when you’re choosing a design for a room in your house. You just follow the prompts!

Affordable Interior Design

Once you choose the room, you get to look at different options to find your personal style.

Affordable Interior Design for All

Wayfair believes that options for your home can come from just about anywhere, so they carry over 5,000 brands of products like furniture, lighting, cookware, and everything in between.

If you’re looking for a convenient and affordable design solution, this is it! To start your design services or to learn more, visit the Design Services page and follow the prompts. You can also scroll down the page and meet the design team. After you complete the survey, you can take a look at projects they’ve worked on in the past, learn what makes their design style unique, and book the person you’re most excited to work with.


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  1. I have been talking about redesigning my living room for years. This sounds like a great tool to get me on my way!

  2. Using a designer is something don’t ever think about because didn’t think I could afford one. This is different and something I could look into using.

  3. Definitely think using the designer is the way to go when you want to redo your house. I am not good at designing so I really can use any and all help I can get. My house could definitely use a makeover.

  4. OK now this is great what some affordable packages. I have to admit I could really do with some help with ways to up my interior design as the bungalow is a bit all over the place.

  5. I’ve never really thought about hiring an interior design service. Being that it’s affordable, I’ll have to keep this in mind, should I ever want to redecorate.

  6. We will be redesigning my room at the end of the month and these tips will come in handy and I can’t wait to share your advice with my husband.

  7. Getting professional help is such a smart idea. I have such a cluttered house maybe they can help me to start clearing things out little by little.

  8. I need to try these out. I have been wanting to make many changes, but they can be pricey. So I am all about affordable options.

  9. Sounds like a great option for anyone looking to change up their decor and design at home. Affordable is not usually a word associated with interior design services.

  10. Those prices are affordable. I would love to do a consultation someday, after my self imposed No Buy February.

  11. I love designing my own space, but sometimes, I do need a professional to sum it all up. This looks to me like something very worthwhile.

  12. I love shopping at Wayfair. They always have so many amazing products. I purchase our last sofa from there.

  13. I love browsing Wayfair but I didn’t know they offered this service. I will have to check it out.

  14. We are hoping to buy our first home this year and I know this subject will come up. We have purchased from Wayfair a number of times before. It’s a good option.

  15. This is awesome!! We’ve worked with designers before but they can be SO expensive. I love that this makes it so affordable.

  16. I didn’t know that Wayfair offered this! I love home design and seeing what people come up with.

  17. Now this looks like a lot of fun! While I LOVE interior design sometimes I get stumped and I think it would be fun to see how someone else would decorate a room!

  18. The Lite Package is totally in my budget! We’re moving to a new home this summer so this could be great for me.

  19. Amazing interior designing blog, I really enjoy your article. Thanks for sharing your useful post.

  20. We will renovate our house within the year. Still thinking if we should do it ourselves or ask for a professional. Anywayyy, thanks for sharing this!

  21. Oooh, this is very helpful! I love designing my own house, but will try to consider this! Thank you!

  22. It feels really comfortable to live in a house with good ambiance and aesthetic designs. This article is very commendable. Thanks for sharing!

  23. Thank you for sharing this! I love arts ad crafts but i’m a very lazy person when it comes to re-designing our interior

  24. does interior designers cover flooring designs as well or is it in a separate service provider?

  25. Interior design is one of my weaknesses, i have an eye for design but not in this area

  26. Looking good doesn’t have to be expensive! Thank you for sharing these affordable interior designs with us

  27. Love Wayfair 🙂 bought a table, very easy 🙂

  28. Hi, Great post!
    Really Awesome information.
    Thank you for shearing affordable interior designing with us. please keep shearing your services.
    Thank You.

  29. I’m loving this idea of decorating home. The ideas shared by you are very chic and trendy. Going to use all your ideas for my new home. Thanks for crafting this informative information for us.

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