Best Christmas Games for Groups

by Alli

We love playing Christmas games when the entire family gets together during the holidays. We have so much fun. I’ve listed our favorite and Best Christmas Games for Groups. I’m even sharing my favorite game of all. Just keep reading.

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Best Christmas Games

Purge the Purse Game 

This is a great game to play to break the ice and get everyone relaxed and having fun. We have the best time when we play this game at our women’s Christmas party at church. 

The game works like this:  The host calls out a list of items that may be in your purse. If you indeed have that item in your purse, you get one point.

Purge Your Purse Game

You’ll need to give the participants a pen and paper to keep up with their points. The person with the most points at the end of the game wins a prize. When we play this game at our women’s group, the winner gets a new designer purse. 

Grab my FREE printable list to use for the Purge the Purse Game: Purge Your Purse Game

Pass The Orange

You will need two (or more) groups of five for this one. Each team forms a circle and puts their hands behind their back for the entire game. Place an orange under the chin of one person on each team. The team who passes the orange all the way around without dropping it or using their hands wins. 

Best Pajama Party - Pass the Orange Game

Family Feud

I purchased this game because it already has the questions and answers. I laughed until I cried at this one. My favorite of all is this statement: “We asked 100 men to name a car you’d trade your mother for.” Of course, you can make up your own statements.

You’ll need two groups of five for this game and a buzzer. One member of each team faces each other in a face-off as the host reads a question. The first one who hits the buzzer with the top answer wins. They have the option of passing or playing.

The team who has control tries to guess all the correct answers before receiving 3 strikes. If they received 3 strikes before guessing all the correct answers, the other team gets to guess an answer. The other team wins the points if they guess an answer. If not, the team with the 3 strikes wins that round. 

Whoever has the most points at the end of the game wins. This one always gets a lot of laughs. 

Left-Right Christmas Game

This is a great alternative to a white elephant or a secret Santa gift exchange. Each participant brings a wrapped gift. Each person sits in a circle or at a round table. One person will read a story using lots of left and right words. At the end of the story, each person gets to open the gift in their hand. Make sure everyone doesn’t end up with their own gift! 

I like this printable left-right game

Christmas Carol Charades

This is another favorite game to play at Christmas parties. It’s suitable for all ages and involves acting out words or phrases written on a piece of paper. In this instance, it’s Christmas carols. The object is for your team to guess the answer.

Christmas Charades Game

You’ll need two teams divided into an equal number of players. The two teams will play against each other.

Grab someone not playing to be the scorekeeper and timekeeper. 

The name of a Christmas carol is shown to one person on a team (the actor). That person has 2-3 minutes to act out the Christmas carol. The actor can’t talk or point at objects in the room. He or she can make gestures to act out the carol. After each team member has a chance to be the actor, the team with the most points wins. 

You can see a list of Christmas Carols here.

Stocking Guessing Game 

Fill a stocking with random objects. Tie the top of the stocking with string. Have the participants sit in a circle. Pass the stocking around so that everyone can hold it and feel it. Then, have everyone write down their guesses on notecards. The person who guesses the most correct items wins.

Christmas Candy Counting Game (Ice Breaker Game)

As your guests arrive, have them guess how many candy pieces are in a jar. Have slips of paper for them to write down their names and how many they guessed.  You can use peppermints, candy kisses, red and green M&M’s, etc.  Whoever comes the closest to the number, wins the jar of candy. 

Christmas Candy Counting Game

Build a Snowman Game

Break into teams and build a snowman! One person from each team volunteers to be the snowman.

You’ll need toilet tissue, black paper buttons, orange carrot nose cut-outs, tape, and hats (use cheap Santa hats from the dollar store). Don’t forget to include scarves. 

The first team to build a snowman wins!

Minute-To-Win-It Candy Cane Game


You will need a small bowl and lots of wrapped candy canes per participant.


Each player places a candy cane in their mouth (crook end down) and transfers the other candy canes to their bowl without using their hands.


The person who has the most candy canes in their bowl at the end of one-minute wins. 


Christmas Limbo Game

You can use a long Christmas scarf, garland, or Christmas lights (make sure to plug um in) for this game.

Grab two people to hold the ends of the scarf, garland, or lights. The participants take turns going under without touching the scarf, garland, or lights. They will eventually need to bend their knees and lean back to get under without touching. 

Start the scarf/garland/lights at a height that everyone can limbo under. Once everyone has had their turn, lower it. Keep lowering it until you have one winner. 

Christmas Games

Shape A Christmas Tree

Give everyone a sheet of green construction paper. Everyone must close their eyes and tear out the shape of a Christmas tree without lifting the paper from the table. The person who tears out a shape closest to the shape of a tree wins. It’s not that easy with your eyes closed. No peeking! 

Christmas Ice Breaker

As your guests arrive, everyone gets a jingle bell Christmas necklace to wear. Instruct them to listen for the word “Christmas.” If they hear another guest say “Christmas” they get that person’s necklace. At the end of the party, the guest with the most jingle bells wins a prize.

Add To The Conversation Game

This game is always fun! One person starts a conversation about a Christmas adventure (real or made up) and when they end, the next person picks up and adds to it until everyone has participated. There are no prizes for this one but it’s a great way to get your guests talking and laughing at the crazy twists and turns of the conversation.

These are some of the best Christmas games. You can find even more Christmas games when you click on the link below. 

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