Fix Cooking Mistakes With These Great Tips

by Alli

Planning a get together is never complete without great food! Loaded nachos, homemade mashed potatoes, and delicious desserts are only a few ways we can spice up an awesome event. Between picking the dishes, coordinating matching decor and actually cooking all of the food, it’s inevitable to probably have at least one or two “uh oh!” moments in the kitchen!

Fix Cooking Mistakes When Planning a Dinner Party

Starting over a dish or a handful of dishes is not an option when you’re pressed for time and still have a few others things to do. Instead of panicking or remaking any dish from scratch, you can keep a few simple tips and tricks in your back pocket to fix almost any mistake you make in the kitchen. Shari’s Berries has a collection of handy tips for baking and cooking mistakes for all of the little things we may forget or overlook when we’re prepping for a big meal. For example, did you know you can soften cookies by putting it in an airtight container with an apple?

I’ve certainly had my fair share of cooking mistakes over the years. My first dinner party was a disaster when I undercooked the chicken. Oops! I still cringe when I remember those early days of entertaining. Thankfully, most cooking mistakes can be easily fixed. I just stuck that chicken back in the oven and dinner was delayed.

Take a look at this helpful guide and see what tip you’ll want to remember the next time you’re preparing a big meal or planning a party.

Baking Mistakes

Are your cookies too hard? Is your cake uneven? You can fix that!

how to fix baking baking mistakes

Cooking Mistakes

Did you accidentally add too much salt or is your sauce too sweet? Don’t despair. You can fix it with these tips!

how to fix baking cooking mistakesSpecial thanks to Shari’s Berries for sharing these infographics. 

Whether you’re cooking dinner for the family or planning a party, most baking mistakes can be fixed with these great tips.