Easy Trunk or Treat Ideas Including Mine

by Alli

Will you be participating in Trunk or Treat this fall?

If you’re not familiar with Trunk or Treat, it’s trick-or-treating done from parked car to parked car in a parking lot. Does that make sense? We always have ours in a big field behind our church campus.

Are you looking for the best Trunk or Treat ideas? I've got all my favorites today on the blog. Click the photo for trunk or treat ideas or save for later.

Our church always includes Trunk or Treat as part of our fall festival and the kids love skipping from car to car and gathering goodies. This year, trunk or treat will kick off at 6:00 PM, followed by carnival type foods. The main event is an hour-long family-friendly magic show. The best part? It’s all free and it’s one way that we give back to our community. Everyone’s invited!

The one big question is, “How will I decorate my trunk this year?” To help you with that decision, I’ve listed some quick and easy ideas from last year’s fall festival.

There were so many great ideas, but these are the ones that were near my SUV and I took quick pics between the groups of kids coming by. I hate I didn’t get photos of them all, but I couldn’t leave my trunk unattended.

 Easy Trunk or Treat Ideas

 1.  Cookie Monster

Cookie Monster - Top Five Trunk or Treat Ideas

My daughter and son-in-law got into the Sesame Street vibe and channeled their inner Cookie Monster. Of course, they gave out cookies to all the kids who stopped by.

True, it took a little time to draw, cut out and paint Cookie Monster. Didn’t they do a great job?

2.  The Cat In The Hat

Top Five Trunk or Treat Ideas

Who doesn’t LOVE The Cat in the Hat? This was a huge favorite with all the kids.

3.  Arabian Nights

Arabian Nights - Trunk or Treat

My son and his fiancee decided to go all out and create an Arabian Nights theme. It was easy to do with draping and the kids thought it was cool. (Check out the crooked mustache!)

4.  Star Wars

Star Wars - Trunk or Treat Ideas

My youngest daughter and her husband decided to let the force be with them and picked their favorite theme – Star Wars. You just need black fabric for the background, star stickers and hanging Star War thingamabobs.

5.  Minions

Minions - Trunk or Treat Ideas

Are these not the cutest Minions ever? Brandon and Ashley hit a home run with this one and they dressed up their kids and themselves in Minion costumes.

This couple gave away Minions’ balloons. They added the faces to the balloons themselves and this one was a big hit also.

My Minions Cupcakes pairs perfectly with this trunk or treat idea.

Mango Peach Cupcakes


6.  It’s a Zoo in Here (Mine!)

It's a Zoo In Here - trunk or treat ideas

I dressed as a bumblebee (sorry/not sorry/no photo) and pimped my ride with a zoo theme. Dollar Store curtain rods serve as cage bars.

Blow-up animals, cutouts and banners are all from Oriental Trading. It’s one of my favorite places to shop. Oriental Trading has great prices and lots of trunk-or-treat ideas. Click here for some great ideas!

My favorite SNICKERS and other Mars bars are what I always give out. Hey, it’s one time a year, so live on the wild side. All of the animal blowups (there were lots more) went home with the kids.

7.  Doc McStuffins

Trunk or Treat - Doc McStuffins

Doc McStuffins is in the house . . . or near the trunk. Marilyn is a headstart teacher. She LOVES kids and it shows!

8.  Santa and His Elves

Santa and His Elves - Trunk or Treat

Santa stopped by with a few of his elves to hang out with the kids. The trunk (sorry, no photo) was decked out in Christmas cheer. After the event, Santa and his crew took off for the North Pole.

Another cute idea is to have a camping theme. One couple brought their portable fire pit and made S’mores for every child who stopped by. They made a whole lot of S’mores.

Even More Great Trunk or Treat Ideas

Check out my latest trunk or treat ideas, including The Wizard of Oz and Jurassic World.

The Wizard of Oz - Best Ever Trunk or Treat Ideas

If you’re into Ghost Busters, Batman, and lots more, you need to check out these Trunk or Treat Ideas!

Ghostbusters Theme - Trunk or Treat

To find even more Trunk or Treat ideas, click here and here. My friend, Shirley, created this awesome candy cottage. I may “borrow” her idea this time around.

Trunk or Treat Ideas

Whether you go big or small, the kids love them all.

Have you ever participated in Trunk or Treat? How did you dress up your trunk?

Easy Trunk or Treat Kits

If you want to participate in Trunk or Treat but need something quick and super easy, check out these Trunk or Treat kits. You can grab one for $15! 

P.S. – Parents Magazine featured one of my Trunk or Treat photos in their October edition!

Trunk or Treat

 Trunk or Treat