Fishing Themed Christmas Tree And DIY Bobbers

by Alli

Thanks to DecoArt for providing Americana acrylic paints for my Fishing Themed Christmas Tree. All ideas and opinions are my own. 

Two of my mom’s favorite things were fishing and Christmas. I’ve spent many a day fishing with my mom at my family’s pond and on the ocean. I decided to create a Fishing Themed Christmas Tree in memory of mom. 

Christmas is my favorite holiday, hands down. The significance and meaning of Christmas is the number one reason I love this holiday.

Secondly, it was my mom’s favorite. She always created a magical Christmas season and taught my siblings and me to love everything about Christmas.

I’m excited about my little In Memory of Mom Gone Fishing Tree! The grandkids absolutely love it, too. 


Fishing Themed Christmas Tree

I always have a large tree in the family room, so a small tree works best for my Fishing Themed Christmas Tree. I found the cutest bait bucket to use as the tree stand. Keep reading to see all the items I used. 


The bait bucket is super shiny and I don’t want an excessive shine. So, I found an easy way to age it. All you need is some sandpaper, cheap toilet bowl cleaner, gloves, and a well-ventilated area. 


If you have an old bait bucket stuck in the shed or attic, use that one. I’m a little jealous! You want rustic and vintage. 


For this project, I’m also using red and white bobbers (buy in bulk), ribbon, larger DIY painted bobbers and a “Gone Fishing” sign to top the tree. I’m in love with my tree and every time I look at it, I’m reminded of my sweet mama. 

To add even more memories to this tree, I used one side of the ornament as a template to cut out a photo of mom and dad. I placed the photo in one of the clear ornaments. 


How To Paint Fishing Bobbers For A Fishing Themed Christmas Tree


This little craft is so easy, thanks to DecoArt!

You’ll need:

  • DecoArt Americana Santa Red acrylic paint 
  • DecoArt Americana Snow White acrylic paint
  • Paint Brushes
  • Unpainted wooden Christmas ornaments (you can buy these in bulk)
  • Ribbon or ornament hangers for hanging on the tree


I can’t draw a straight line so I used a small spirit level and a pencil to divide the ornaments in half so I would know where one color paint ends and the other begins. I’ve always called this a level but I Googled it and it’s actually called a spirit level. Who knew? 


These round, unpainted Christmas ornaments are perfect for fishing bobbers! They even have a hole for hanging. 

I used an actual fishing bobber for my inspiration and painted the wooden ornaments to look like bobbers in no time at all. 


Fishing Lure Ornaments

While I was trying to figure out how to incorporate some of mom’s fishing lures, I came up with a great idea. Place the lures (they have hooks) in clear Christmas ornaments. Be careful! This is not a job for the kiddos. 

These lures once held a prominent place in one of mom’s many tackle boxes. Now, they hold an important place on my Christmas tree. 


I had a few bobbers left over, so I filled a few of the clear ornaments. I think this is another cute addition to the tree. 


Decorate The Fishing Themed Tree

Place the tree in the bait bucket (remove the center of the bait bucket first). Fluff the branches.

Add mini white lights. Hang all the ornaments on the tree. Place a Gone Fishing sign near the top and add a ribbon bow to top the tree. Done!


I had purchased a Gone Fishing sign before I bought the tree. Of course, the sign was way too big so I had to make one myself. The block of wood was in my craft supplies and I created and printed out the sign. Mod Podge is used to glue the sign to the wood. It’s simple but I like it. 

If you want to make a simple sign, you can print it here >>> Gone-Fishing-Sign


I know my mom would love this tree! It’s another way for me to honor her memory. 

If you have old bobbers and fishing lures on hand, then, by all means, use them – the more vintage, the better!

This tree can be placed on a tabletop as well. 


You can find the tree I bought, the bait bucket I purchased, and items for the fishing-themed tree below. 

Fishing Themed Christmas Tree Product List

These are the products I used to create a Fishing Themed Tree.

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