Nautical Themed Cookout & Free Printable

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Saturday was the perfect day to kick off grilling season!  The sky was bright blue, the sun was shining and a light breeze was blowing. It’s time to take it all outside for a Nautical Themed Cookout!

Nautical Themed Cookout with Free Printable Shop at Walmart to Grab Grilling Essentials

With shopping list in hand, I headed to Walmart to grab all the essentials for grilling.  As I was walking down the condiment aisle, a childhood memory popped into my mind.  Yes, I’ll tell you all about it.

Don’t Forget the Mustard

When I was growing up, mustard was the only condiment I would eat. My mom made sure to always have plenty on hand, so I was thrilled to find that ketchup’s got new mustard! New Heinz® Yellow Mustard is made with 100% natural ingredients, including stone-ground mustard seeds and a secret blend of spices and vinegar for the perfect flavor and taste.  Heinz has been serving up quality products since 1869, so into the cart, it went.

Heinz Yellow Mustard is thicker and doesn’t sink into the bread and cause it to get all soggy.  You know how sometimes a watered down mustard will spew out with that first squeeze?  Heinz has designed their new top-down, squeeze bottle to eliminate that first watery squeeze!  You don’t even have to shake the bottle.  You can find it right next to its main-squeeze, Heinz tomato ketchup!

Nautical Themed Cookout

Easy Decorating

The reason I chose a nautically themed cookout is that I love the ocean, boats and the color blue goes so well with my favorite condiment.  I purposely set-up the buffet table in front of my old shed that really needs a new paint job.  But it came in handy when it was repurposed and used as a weathered old boathouse.

Nautical Themed CookoutThe tablecloth reminds me of the sea, so I added navy and white anchor placemats.  The sailboat and nautical candle holder centerpiece finish the table beautifully.      Nautical Themed Cookout

Nautical Themed Cookout & Free Printable

My favorite has got to be this ice bucket.  I’m in love because it’s so cool AND it was on sale at Home Goods. There’s nothing like cold lemonade on a warm, sunny day.

Nautical Themed Cookout

Nautical Themed Cookout

The Menu

Now that we’re all set up, let’s move on to the food!  The grill area is my husband’s domain and he had both grills fired up because we had a lot of guests coming (12)!  Here’s the menu:

Nautical Themed Cookout


Strawberry Vinaigrette Recipe

The strawberry vinaigrette was easy to whip up right before my guests arrived.  I added additional sliced strawberries to my spring mix salad, along with cherry tomatoes and cucumbers.

Helpful Hint:  I like my strawberry vinaigrette a little chunky, so I crush the strawberries with a fork.  If you want a smooth dressing, place all the ingredients (except olive oil) in the blender.  Blend together and add olive oil slowly while the blender is on low.  Nautical Themed Party

Strawberry Vinaigrette

Strawberry Vinaigrette


  • 3/4 cup sliced strawberries
  • 2 Tablespoons Heinz yellow mustard
  • 3 Tablespoons white balsamic vinegar
  • 2 Tablespoons honey
  • 2/3 cup olive oil


  1. Crush sliced strawberries with a fork. Add the Heinz yellow mustard, white balsamic vinegar and honey. Whisk together. Slowly add the olive oil while whisking.

I also made a few brie-stuffed burgers along with the regular hamburgers.  Some of the young kids haven’t acquired a taste for brie, so I only made a few.  It’s so easy:  Place brie on top of a hamburger patty, top with another hamburger patty and seal well.  Grill carefully, but if a little cheese oozes out, that’s fine, too. Don’t forget to top with bacon and Heinz Yellow Mustard!

Nautical Themed Cookout

Let’s Eat!

Brie Stuffed Burger/Nautical Themed Cookout

Nautical Themed Cookout

Nautical Themed Cookout

Nautical Themed Cookout - Let's Eat!

Adorable DIY Nautical Themed Fans & Free Fan Printable

To stay cool and to keep those pesky little gnats away, I made nautical themed fans!  Click here to download a free printable so you can make one, too!  You’ll need 2 printables for each fan.  Cut them out and hot-glue them back-to-back onto a wooden paint stir stick. Use cardstock and be sure they are lined up evenly. That’s it!

Nautical Themed Cookout

Nautical Themed Party

Our cookout turned out fabulous.  The food was delicious, the weather was wonderful – a perfect day to set sail with Heinz Yellow Mustard – my all-time favorite condiment!

I purchased my Heinz Yellow Mustard at Walmart, but it’s also available at other major retailers nationwide.  What’s your favorite way to use Heinz Yellow Mustard?

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  1. Robin Rue (@massholemommy) says

    We live right off of Cape Cod, so the nautical theme is pretty easy to do around here. There are nautical themed things EVERYWHERE.

    • I’m jealous! I’m a couple of hours from Myrtle Beach, so we do get to the beach fairly often, but when we can’t, I try to bring the sea theme to my house. 🙂

  2. This is so cool. I love how it turned out and the photos are so cool. That ice bucket is surely a keeper. I was a TJ Max/Home goods the other day eyeing all their nautical stuff and was wishing I had an extra room to decorate! So cool.

    • I fell in love with that ice bucket and had to have it. I’m crazy about all things nautical, beachy, islands, sea, etc.

  3. I love the colors you used for the party! That is my favorite blue. All of the decorations you found and the food you had make this a great party! I’ll be over next time 🙂

  4. What a great idea for a cookout! This looks like a fun idea and we can incorporate our pool into the theme too!

  5. That’s really cute! I love the little boat and the blue plates. Adorable!

  6. Such a cool post! Thank you so much for the beautiful photos and great recipe 😀

  7. Oooo…your nautical cookout looks so fun. I’ve been meaning to pick up this new mustard. It’s good to know that they’ve eliminated that first watery squeeze…I hate that.

  8. What a wonderful barbecue! I love the thought that you put into all of the details, and the food sounds amazing! We are definitely a mustard family, and there’s nothing better than Heinz!

    • My husband didn’t like mustard, but I completely converted him once we were married. I couldn’t imagine someone not loving mustard.

  9. Oh fun! I love that theme. It would be fun to borrow some ideas for a beach lunch.

  10. That rope “relax” sign is gorgeous, did you make that too!? What a fun little party, looks SO good!

    • I cannot tell a lie – I bought it at HomeGoods. 🙂 They have the best Nautical themed accents. I had to stop myself from buying more. 🙂

  11. I love your theme for your party. I enjoy doing theme parties. I did a beach theme for my daughter birthday two years ago. We had it at the local Dam and everything served had a beach theme.

  12. Heinz mustard is the bomb! I am a mustard gal all the way. Don’t even get near my hotdogs or hamburgers with ketchup! LOL (It’s great on hot pretzels, too!)

  13. Yum! All the food looks delicious! I love the Heinz products! I use them all of the time…I also really love your theme here. It’s great!

  14. I love the nautical theme setting for a cookout. It’s ideal for a summer hangout. That quote is one worth remembering.

  15. GORGEOUS setting! I love all your themed dishware! I’m totally a mustard gal!

  16. What a fun cookout theme! I love those nautical fans, thanks for that printable to make them. I’ve had my fan out this spring already.
    I don’t eat mustard but everyone else in my family does. I use it to make glaze for ham. It’s really good mixed with brown sugar for a ham glaze, I do eat it like that. I’ll have to check out the new Heinz mustard, we need some now.

    • When my husband smokes a brisket, he’ll rub it with mustard first so that the dry rub will stay on better. I always use it to make homemade BBQ sauce.

  17. Wow this looks so awesome! I love the nautical theme. Super cute! The food looks lovely too!

  18. Mustard is one of my favorite condiments! I have some homemade mustard fermenting on my counter right now in fact. But they are both kinda hot, so I am going to be buying some regular mustard for the grandkids. I’ll check out Heniz.
    If they ditched the HFCS, I’ll consider it.

    And your decorations are amazing. I’d be embarrassed for you to come to one of our cookouts. We never decorate and I have all mismatched plates and cups. But the food is always good 🙂

    • Heinz is my personal fave, Amanda! Hey, there’s nothing wrong with mismatched plates – it’s actually trendy!

  19. Wow – I need to come to your next BBQ! I love the nautical theme, and the mustard is a perfect addition to those burgers and hot dogs! #client

  20. I don’t know why but I don’t like the taste of mustard. Here we usually just take ketchup as condiment. The nautical theme is so lovely. I have a friend who has that theme for her entire house.

    • What? You don’t like mustard? 🙂 It’s my favorite condiment – always has been. I love the nautical theme, too.

  21. Fi Ní Neachtáin says

    Aww this looks so lovely, such gorgeous pictures. As an island girl I’d love a BBQ of this theme.

  22. I love the idea of a nautical themed cookout! That Strawberry Vinaigrette sounds and looks delicious! Thanks so much for sharing it with us.

  23. Rebecca Swenor says

    This is an awesome theme for a cook out and great decorations. I love cookouts and these is an awesome idea. I usually use Heinz Yellow Mustard in my sloppy joeys but just a couple squirts. Thanks for sharing.

  24. I really love how you put together this gathering! The theme is awesome and I love the colors!

  25. Oh I just love all the details here – that blue is my favorite too – so gorgeous! Makes me want to be on the water somewhere!

  26. Fabulous party my friend! Wonderfully set tablescape!

    I love the Ricky Scaggs quote the most!

  27. Ann Bacciaglia says

    I love themed parties. The Nautical theme is so cute for a BBQ.

  28. This makes me miss living on Long Island where I could see boats and ships all the time!

  29. What a fun party! I love the nautical theme! I never liked mustard growing up, but I love it as an adult! I need to make your vinaigrette…yum!

  30. I have always loved mustard on french fries and pizza. I know the pizza sounds weird but it tastes so good!

    • I’ve never tried mustard on pizza, but I’m going to.

      • christina aliperti says

        Make sure the pizza is hot! The mustard will kind of melt into the cheese and sauce. Maybe I am just weird but my mouth is watering just thinking about it!

  31. So cute! I am a sucker for blue decor and I just love this theme. Thanks for sharing at the #HomeMattersParty. We hope to see you again next week.

  32. valerie g says

    I am really loving those printaables. I will need save these for this summer!

  33. What a cool idea! I love the blue plates the most, they are so beautiful. Nice that the weather is getting warmer and we can take advantage of some amazing ideas. Thanks for sharing.

  34. What I love about it, is well, everything. Thanks for the printable!

  35. What a cute printout! Just looking at those hot dogs are making me crave for grilled food right now.

  36. What a cute event! Thanks for sharing your ideas, printout and recipe with us at the Merry Monday link party. Hope to see you again next week!

  37. Wow, what a gorgeous event! From the awesome themed nautical decor to the well plated pictures of the food and menu its surely had to be a hit. I am in love with mustard and had NO idea Heinz had their own brand! Thank you for that critical need to know info. I am craving a hot dog loaded with mustard something terrible right now!!

  38. I think that a nautical themed cookout is a great way to get people to come to your party. Many people you invite will probably have been in the navy, or at least lived by the ocean. This is a way to cater to a large portion of the group. The rest of the group will think that this is still a fun idea and it will make it so that the people that don’t eat seafood you serve will not feel left out.

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