Raspberry Napoleon

by Alli

Thanks to Simply Sesame for supplying me with their delicious spreads. My Raspberry Napoleon and my opinions are my own. 

Sometimes I love spending the afternoon in the kitchen baking and at other times I just want a quick dessert that doesn’t take long to make. Enter my Raspberry Napoleon with Vanilla Almond Sesame Spread.

Raspberry Napoleon

A classic Napoleon usually consists of layers of puff pastry with homemade custard or whipped cream sandwiched between the layers.

A Napoleon is often called a Mille-Feuille (thousand leaves) but since I have no idea how to pronounce it, I’m sticking with Napoleon. Trying to speak french with a southern accent is so, so bad.

For my Raspberry Napoleon with Vanilla Almond Sesame Spread, I’m using phyllo dough instead of puff pastry. I just like the taste and it’s so pretty. You’ve just learned my criteria for good food – tasty and pretty.

Let’s make a Raspberry Mille-Feuille, I mean Napoleon.

Raspberry Napoleon

Phyllo sheets are thin and delicate. Brush each pastry sheet with melted butter and layer in a baking pan lined with parchment paper. With a sharp knife, cut pastry sheets lengthwise into thirds.

Bake pastry strips for 10-12 minutes or until golden brown. Let cool completely.

Beat heavy cream until soft peaks form. Fold 1/3 cup sesame spread and 2 Tablespoons of honey into the whipped cream.

Place a pastry strip on a plate. Top with the whipped cream mixture. Repeat once more and add a pastry strip on top. Garnish with a drizzle of honey and fresh raspberries.

Wasn’t that easy?

Raspberry Napoleon with Vanilla Almond Sesame Spread

Raspberry Napoleon


Raspberry Napoleon with Almond Vanilla Sesame Paste

Raspberry Napoleon


  • 9 sheets frozen phyllo pastry, thawed
  • Melted butter (for brushing pastry sheets)
  • 1 cup heavy cream
  • 1/3 cup Simply Sesame Vanilla with Almond Bits Spread
  • 2 Tablespoons honey
  • Fresh Raspberries, for garnish


  1. Preheat oven to 350º F.
  2. Line a sheet pan with parchment paper.
  3. Brush each pastry sheet with butter and layer on parchment paper.
  4. Cut sheets lengthwise into thirds with a sharp knife.
  5. Bake for 10-12 minutes or until golden brown. Let cool completely.
  6. Whip heavy cream until soft peaks form.
  7. Add Simple Sesame Vanilla with Almond Bits and honey to whipped cream.
  8. Place a phyllo strip onto a plate. Top with whipped cream mixture. Repeat and add a phyllo strip to top. Garnish with a drizzle of honey and raspberries.
  9. Serve immediately.

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This is my very first time using Simply Sesame creamy spreads. They’re all natural, gluten-free, and packed with essential vitamins, minerals, and amino acids.

Simply Sesame contains no preservatives, additives, trans-fat, or cholesterol. It’s also Vegan. Who said dessert couldn’t be good for you?

Sesame Seed Spread - Raspberry Napoleon

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I hope you try my Raspberry Napoleon soon. It’s light, easy, and delicious. Oh, yeah, it’s pretty too!


robin masshole mommy January 16, 2017 - 6:48 am

I am drooling over this! It sounds like such a decadent dessert that is perfect for a warm summer night! Yum.

Emerald January 16, 2017 - 7:23 am

I would love to try and make this recipe, it looks absolutely amazing! That almond spread sounds heavenly, really!

Franc Ramon January 16, 2017 - 11:22 am

The raspberry napoleon looks really tasty. This could really make a good snack or dessert meal.

Tara L January 16, 2017 - 12:04 pm

This looks really good. I love nice and light desserts. It looks really creamy with the spread.

lisa January 16, 2017 - 12:25 pm

This looks so delicious! I love most desserts, so I can’t wait to try this one!

Lisa Murano January 16, 2017 - 1:00 pm

These look delicious and you make them sound so easy! I’m looking for that spread at the store tonight…I want to make these!

Jenn @ EngineerMommy January 16, 2017 - 1:10 pm

My parents used to get napoleons from the bakery all the time when I was a kid. I have fond memories of napoleons. This raspberry version sounds absolutely amazing!

candy January 16, 2017 - 1:49 pm

Phyllo pastry is such fun to work with. Makes the lightest and such a flaky dessert. I have some raspberries frozen in the refrigerator hope that works just as well.

Bella January 16, 2017 - 6:57 pm

Oh my goodness, this looks fantastic! I have people coming for dinner tomorrow and this would be a great dessert.

Chloe January 16, 2017 - 8:20 pm

Oooo I’ve never heard of these spreads but they sound delicious! I’ve also never had a napoleon so I think I need to give this a go as soon as possible.

Lorelai @ Life With Lorelai January 17, 2017 - 3:15 am

Oh, my…that Vanilla Almond Sesame Spread sounds amazing, and I absolutely love raspberries! This is a gorgeous dessert. Definitely going to give this a try. 🙂

Life With Lorelai

Chubskulit Rose January 17, 2017 - 7:24 am

Looks sinfully good, ahhh I want a bite of that! You make it sound like it’s easy to prepare lol. I want to try making this though so thanks for the recipe.

Mary January 17, 2017 - 4:55 pm

This looks so lovely. I bet it tastes just as lovely
Your baking is just out of this world

Lindsay Pevny January 18, 2017 - 2:16 am

What a pretty dessert! It looks so easy too, saving for later!

Ave January 18, 2017 - 2:19 am

Raspberry Napoleon looks so delicious! What an interesting idea to add Vanilla Almond Sesame Spread, have to try this combination for sure!

Emily January 18, 2017 - 10:12 am

Yum, I have never had this before. It looks so good and refreshing! I love the addition of the Vanilla almond spread!

Lisa Heath January 18, 2017 - 11:47 am

I’ve never heard of these spreads, but I think I need to try them! I’ve also never had a napoleon. I feel so deprived now haha

rika January 18, 2017 - 1:28 pm

That looks so good and sounds pretty easy to make! I can’t wait to try this recipe!

Shirley Wood January 19, 2017 - 10:59 am

Such a luscious pastry dessert and only 6 ingredients! I am going to look for the Simply Sesame in the grocery store. That Vanilla almond has my attention! I like to eat pretty food and your pastry is pretty!


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