17 Amazing St. Patrick’s Day Treats You’ll Love

by Alli

St. Patrick’s Day will be here soon and if you’re looking for some amazing St. Patrick’s Day treats, you’ve come to the right place.

I do hope I remember to wear green on St. Patrick’s Day. I don’t totally get the pinching thing. Maybe it’s because I don’t have enough Irish in me. I’m 9% Irish according to my DNA results. Sometimes I forget all about wearing green until someone reminds me AND tries to pinch me. I don’t think so!

According to something I read, wearing green centers around the leprechauns. Supposedly, wearing green makes you invisible to the mischievous fairies. Leprechauns would pinch those not wearing green to remind them to wear green. All righty then.

17 St. Patrick's Day Treats

For me, St. Patrick’s Day is all about the food including these 17 St. Patrick’s Day Treats! I think I’m going with the Mint Brownie Dessert Shooters. The Shamrock Float sounds pretty good too!

17 St. Patrick’s Day Treats

17 Amazing St. Patrick's Day Treats

  1. Shamrock Pretzel Pops – Mommy’s Bundle


  1. St. Patrick’s Day Oreos – Totally the Bomb


  1. Leprechaun Cookies – Homemade Interest


  1. Shamrock Float – Simply Kierste


  1. St. Patrick’s Day Rice Krispies Treats – Around My Family Table


  1. Green Ombre St. Patrick’s Day Cupcakes – The Gold Lining Girl


  1. Mint Chocolate Pretzel Bites – The Gracious Wife


  1. St. Patrick’s Day Candy Spoons – Totally the Bomb


  1. Irish Frosties – The Kennedy Adventures


  1. Lucky Charms Swirled Bundt Cake – Chelsea’s Messy Apron


  1. St. Patrick’s Day Jell-O Parfait – Life Love Liz


  1. Rainbow Trail Mix Recipe – Organized Island


  1. Hidden Pot of Gold Brownie Cups – Pizzazzerie


  1. Chocolate Covered Pretzels with Rainbow Drizzle – Oh My! Creative


  1. Rainbow Dust – Shaken Together


  1. Mint Brownie Dessert Shooters – Typically Simple


  1. St. Patrick’s Day Sugar Cookie Bars – Over the Big Moon


Will you be making St. Patrick’s Day treats? Which one will you try first?

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