The Making of a Family Christmas Card – 2012

It’s kind of an ordeal a big deal every year around Thanksgiving when I do the “entire family” text and tell them it’s time for our annual family pic/Christmas card.  There are 13 of us in all and the making of a family Christmas card can be downright hysterical!

These are the responses – (my interpretations):

Daughter #1 – Why don’t you just do you and dad and the grand kids this year?  Please?  I refuse to be in it.  I’m so not photogenic!  Really, my husband and I don’t have to be in it.  Really, we don’t.  And you always pick the one that I look awful in!  Me:  What part of family picture don’t you understand?  People will think we disowned you!

Daughter #2 – What do you want me to wear?  What should the kids wear?  What time?  What day?  I’m practicing my very photogenic smile!  Me:  Oh, yeah, you’re the good child, the obedient child.

Daughter #3 – (The Photographer) Great!  Wish I could take them AND be in them!  Poses?  No problem.  I take a zillion pics of myself everyday AND post them on Facebook.  I will get one of my (many) photographer friends to take it.  This is gonna be good and remember,  if it bends, bend it!  Me:  What the heck????

Son #1 – I mean, really, how long is this going to take?  I mean, (yeah, he says that a lot) I’m not making a field trip out of it.  (Interpretation:  It had better be over real fast)  And, yes, I’m gonna wear a shirt with writing on it even though you remind me not to every year and  I will be at least 20 minutes late!  Me: Just be here and be on time.  It’s just a picture!

Son #2 – I’ll be there!  What should I wear?  What are you wearing?  I’ve got to get a shape-up (hair cut).  But I will always be fashionably late!  Me:  Remember, if you don’t show up, you won’t be in the family picture.  (The guilt trip usually gets them EXCEPT for daughter  #1 – see above!)

And dear hubby and the sons-in-law just go along with it all!  So this year we had them “done” the Saturday after Thanksgiving, not knowing that a nor’easter  was heading our way (remember, we live in the mild south).  I kid you not, it was blizzard-like conditions.  I was expecting it to snow any minute and I really thought I would freeze to death before it was officially over but they had to be outside – better light – and bitter wind!

So the CD gets back a week later and we (daughters and I – the guys could care less) are pouring over the pics.  Actually, I had already picked out the one for the Christmas card before they arrived.  And of course daughter #1 (see above) despised it.  I loathed the one she wanted to use.  (She reminded me of the year I had everyone wear white shirts.  I never, ever want to re-live that experience again)!

Anyway, back to this year (as I beat those white shirt memories out of my head).  The wind was blowing my hair straight back and it looked like I had a crew cut!  So the what-pic-will-win tug-of-war began, everyone knowing full well who would triumph! You have to realize that I’m not the most photogenic person in the world, either, so there.  Then daughter #1  emphatically declares that this is THE last family Christmas pic she will ever be in because she always gets thrown under the bus.  Oh, please.

So bright and early Monday morning before ordering our Christmas cards, I make a very important phone call to my lawyer – OK – my cousin paralegal, in Atlanta.  So I go through the entire ordeal and then I ask her the BIG question: Should I take one for the team – meaning print an ugly pic of me so that everyone else would look good.  After a bit of back and forth, we made a joint decision.  They are MY Christmas cards so it’s ultimately MY decision.  Take one for the team?  Pfft – I threw daughter number 1 under the bus and then drove over her – again and again!  There you have it – the makings of a Christmas card!  🙂  Can you guess which daughter is which?

The pic that won!Smith Family (6)resize

The pic that LOST!  I can’t believe I’m even posting this!Smith Family (4)redoresize

The sexy pic! Too sexy for Christmas cards, in my humble opinion!  But I’m having a really good hair day!Smith Family (3)resize

The crazy pic!  I jumped.  I really did.  I think I landed too quickly.  Yeah, that’s it.Smith Family (5)resize

The pic with the grands – How sweet!Smith Family (25) (2)resize

And I didn’t even post the really BAD ones.  I didn’t show you the one where my husband and I look like a remake of Powder (a movie)  and I had coal black roots.  Why would a natural blonde have coal black roots??? Wink wink.   There’s one of the girls (yes, I’m included) lying down looking at the sky with our heads together like a big ol’ snowflake.  Does anyone want to guess what happens to a 53 year old face when you lie down?  Anyone?  Certainly not the 20 something year old photographer who actually thought I would look good in it.  It was bad.  Really bad!  And I’m still picking the sticks and stones out of that sweater.

All kidding aside, I have to give a shout-out to Randi Hunt Photography, Charlotte, NC for having the guts to actually agree to do a photo shoot with us!  You rock!


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  1. Ok, I am reading this quite early this morning and I am sitting here literally LOL. I can so see these conversations. Daughter 1, the camera does love you but I so get where you are coming from and will DO NOT like to have my pic made. Daughter 2, what can I say except I love your willing attitude. Now, to the jumping pic….the award goes to Daughter 3!! (A close second was SIL 1) She was ALL into this and I LOVE IT!!! The head cocked to the side while in midair and that big smile, priceless. So thank you for the giggles this morning. You guys ROCK!!

    • Well, we try to keep it real so I had to share what goes on behind those big ol’ smiles! Thanks for taking the time to comment. Hugs to you!

  2. Rebekah Price says

    Mom forgot to mention that she scheduled the shoot at 12:00! The kids were starving and the baby was sleepy. lol I thought they were good but next years will be better. 🙂

  3. tonja dantzler-cox says

    The pics are an amazing example of familial love… I found your website by accident thru pinterest, not knowing that you were quincy’s parents…I am Jazmin’s mom… she absolutely LOVES your family and ministry.
    You have great ideas that I will “borrowing” (lol) for our womens group at church.
    God Bless.

    • So glad you found me! We love Jazmin, too! Help yourself to any of my ideas! That’s why I blog – to share ideas! Thanks so much for your comments. I am grateful that you take the time to follow this blog! Happy New Year!

  4. After reading this one, I don’t feel so bad about the fight she gave you with this year’s photo. She did warn you that she wouldn’t do it again, after all. And you did completely own up to the fact that you threw her under the bus and ran over her. All’s fair in love and family photos, I guess. You each exerted power where you had it — you chose the photo you wanted, she refused to be in the next one. I’ve heard compromise is when no one is really satisfied with the outcome. Sounds like you ladies compromised, whether you wanted to or not.

    And now I don’t feel quite so bad about how long it’s been since we’ve had a nice family photo — they are a ton of work!

    • They are a ton of work, but all of our back and forth battle is all done with a great big dose of fun and laughter. That same daughter, when I was trying to come up with the tagline for my blog said I should call it, “From the window to the wall . . . I make a great cheeseball.” 🙂 Thanks so much for stopping by.

  5. This post cracked me up! So great.

    • I promise it’s a coincidence, but today’s post (Christmas Cards 2013) happens to be a sequel to that post. It’s amazing how it happened the same day of my SITS feature. Thanks so much for stopping by.

  6. TOO FUNNY!!!!! I love all the personalities you share with your kiddos and how this all unfolded!!! Every year- bless your heart for going through this!! BUT it’s SO worth it, isn’t it?? I can’t tell which daughter thinks she looks bad… they all look GORGEOUS!!!

    I love every single one of these. Precious precious family you have!!!!

  7. Oh wow! You do NOT look old enough to have grands!

  8. Paying you a visit from The SITS Girls. Loved the story of the yearly pic for the family Christmas card! In my family, I’m like Daughter #1. Congratulations on getting them all together and pulling it off!

    • Thanks for the visit! I was not as successful with this year’s card. I posted all about it this past Friday. Oh, well, there’s always next year. 🙂

  9. Great post – so funny! Especially when I catch myself thinking all the time that my “adult” children are harder to deal with now than when they were two! At least you have grandkids to make all the trouble worthwhile. I’m not quite there yet, but someday…….

  10. I so love this post. I come from a big family so I definitely remember those family picture days. My daughter is so young now (two years old) so we’re dealing with a different set of issues when taking family pictures, how to get her to sit down and stay in a pose for a few minutes 🙂 beautiful pictures! have a happy holiday

    • Thanks, Cassandre! I posted 2013’s card making adventure a week or so ago. It was worse than 2012’s. We just have the grands this year. They are so much more well behaved than the adults. 🙂

  11. Love this!! Definitely provided a laugh.

    • Thanks, Laura! The Making of a Christmas Card 2013 was pretty much a bust, too, but the grands saved the day and, of course, I blogged about it!

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