Must-Have Kitchen Gadgets

by Alli

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With spring right around the corner, I’ve found some must-have kitchen gadgets that I’m crushing on. I admit that I can spend hours looking at kitchen gadgets. I’m a total gadget nerd when it comes to my kitchen. What about you?

Spiralizers are all the rage! Do you have one? I like the idea of spiralizing veggies and using them in the place of pasta.

Do you have a Lego lover in your house? Check out these Lego Ice Cube Molds, Chocolate Molds, and Silicon Baking Molds.

Last Christmas, OXO sent me a set of these measuring beakers and I fell in love. Thanks, OXO! My other sets of liquid measuring cups got pushed to the back of the drawer to make room for these babies. Did I mention how cute they are?

I have a thing for salt and pepper shakers. I would probably collect them if I wasn’t a minimalist. Speaking of salt, my mom recently gifted me with a collection of salts including Pink Himalayan. I just realized that I get the best gifts! This salt shaker is perfect for my pink little grains of flavor enhancers.

This next kitchen gadget is not really a must have, but these Loch Nest Monsters make me smile. These ladles are dishwasher safe and they stand upright. I changed my mind. It’s a must have! Can you imagine dipping punch out of these cute little monsters?

With spring on the way, my thoughts always turn to strawberries. There’s a farm not far from us that has u-pick fields of plump, juicy strawberries. Or, if you’re lazy, they will gladly pick them for you. This strawberry huller will sure come in handy in a few weeks.

I’ve shown you my must-have kitchen gadgets for spring and summer. What’s the one kitchen gadget you wouldn’t want to live without?

Must Have Kitchen Gadgets


Shirley Wood March 2, 2016 - 9:11 am

Kitchen gadgets making cooking more fun, don’t they! My hubby enjoys kitchen gadgets, especially for baking! I do think Spiralizers are indeed all the rage. I’ve seen so many recipes using those. The most used gadget in my kitchen is probably a small food chopper.

Alli March 2, 2016 - 10:57 am

I use my small food chopper so much more than my food processor. Just the thought of lugging that big food processor out and then having to wash it, etc, makes me cringe. I only use it when I have to.

travel blogger March 2, 2016 - 10:26 am

I didn’t realize there are such cool kitchen gadgets! (I am a terrible cook) Those lego ice cube molds are awesome, and my son would love those lochness monsters! So fun

Cara (@StylishGeek) March 2, 2016 - 10:35 am

Thanks for curating this kitchen gadget list! Love it…especially that Spiralizer! I see posts on zucchini and carrot pasta that is a healthier fare, so now I know this gadget makes it easy to make them!

Megan Elford March 2, 2016 - 11:38 am

I do love the Spiralizer – you can use it for so many things! My pasta-loving picky child may even be willing to try a few new foods if they look like spaghetti. Great list!

Liz Mays March 2, 2016 - 12:59 pm

Wow, I would use the spiralizer all the time. Trying out new recipes with Spiralized veggies would be a lot of fun.

Esther | The Cuteness March 2, 2016 - 1:11 pm

I’ve never seen any of these! I am not spending much time in the kitchen lately since I have a 3 week old at home, but you’re inspiring me to cook tonight 🙂

Jenn @ EngineerMommy March 2, 2016 - 1:22 pm

I love zucchini noodles (zoodles) but I’ve never made them at home. I should definitely get a spiralizer!! Thanks for sharing this list of kitchen gadgets!

Rachel March 2, 2016 - 1:31 pm

This stuff is all so cute! Those little brontosaurus spoon holders almost killed me. Love them so much! And I know just the person to give them to as a sweet little housewarming gift! Thanks!

Tammilee Tips March 2, 2016 - 1:44 pm

I loev this list!! I think the measuring beakers are my favorite, they would be perfect for measuring liquids.

Zan March 2, 2016 - 1:54 pm

Ha, I actually really do not know. I guess I have not thought about it. But measuring cups and spoons are what I always like to have. I also love a tiny strainer and a not too large grater. Like you, I am sort of a minimalist and only keep what I actually use. I have never even heard of a strawberry huller. But I am sure if I have one, I’d probably use it since my kids are strawberry lovers.

Heather | All Roads Lead to the Kitchen March 2, 2016 - 2:51 pm

Oh my gosh, those ladles are adorable! I’m a bit of a kitchen gadget hound, so I love this roundup.

Anosa March 2, 2016 - 3:55 pm

I wish I could say I am a huge lover of kitchen gadgets but I do love having them and these are all really cute and must haves

Angelic Sinova March 2, 2016 - 4:28 pm

Measuring beakers are definitely a MUST for the kitchen! I’ve recently been spending a lot of time in the kitchen (I’m finally getting the hang of cooking more often) and it I definitely use a lot of these items <3

Coolchillmom March 2, 2016 - 6:43 pm

That spiralizer is in my wish list! Of course anything kego is in the kids list 🙂

Miles L. March 2, 2016 - 7:03 pm

I love the Lock Next Monster! That would be a great server for our party punch! Looks cool and awesome.

XmasDolly March 2, 2016 - 11:38 pm

Wow… dems a lotsa gadgets! ~snicker-snicker~ I love kitchen gadgets though because I love to cook… my daughter is the baker… I don’t bake much, but love love love to cook. I have a few antique kitchen gadgets too. SO COOL!

Up Run for Life March 3, 2016 - 12:05 am

I love my apple slicer. I don’t buy precut apples now.

I need a spiralizer.

R U S S March 3, 2016 - 6:30 am

The spiralizer is something new to me but I see why it’s handy to have at home. All these kitchen gadgets will definitely make cooking a lot more fun and convenient.

Jeanine March 3, 2016 - 11:02 am

I feel awful. I don’t have any of these. But I’m really thinking I need a few. At least the spiralizer. Its a must and I need to get one asap!

Terri Beavers March 3, 2016 - 11:49 am

Oh wow you’ve got neat kitchen gadgets. I have one of these but not the others. I will have to work on stocking up on some that I’ll use.

Chris Hoov March 3, 2016 - 7:19 pm

Those are pretty cool! I want all of these and that would be great for my kitchen.

Lorelai @ Life With Lorelai March 4, 2016 - 11:24 pm

That spiralizer has caught my attention. What a fun way to serve veggies. 🙂 I love kitchen gadgets too.Can you ever have too many? LOL

Life With Lorelai

Alli March 7, 2016 - 8:57 am

No, you can never have too many kitchen gadgets. 🙂


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