Photo Booth Kits Are So Much Fun

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When my oldest daughter got married in 2011, the photo booth was, by far, the most happening place to be during the reception. I do believe it was more popular than the dance floor!  A long line snaked toward that high-tech booth throughout the entire evening.  I had no idea it would be so popular and the props were amazing.

Of course, everyone went home with cool, crazy or wild pictures and my daughter later received a book with a copy of everyone’s photos.  What a great memento!

I found this fun photo of my sister, my aunt and me that was taken that night.  I waited until the end since I was so busy hosting and dancing the night away.  I’m in the back on the right. My hair had pretty much died by that time. 🙂

Photo Booth Kits

Forget waiting until the next wedding.  You can now add a photo booth kit to your child’s birthday party.

Photo Booth Kits
If a picture is worth a thousand words, then Photo Booth Kits are worth about a million and are much more affordable than the wedding photo booth.  All you have to do is recruit your BFF to be the photographer.

Each customizable kit has its own unique theme, props, and accessories. Kids will have endless possibilities to dress up, play, and get creative! And parents, grandparents, friends, and family will have countless silly, sweet, fun, and frivolous photo-ops!

With Photo Booth Kits, every day can be a party — or at least an entertaining way to catch those special moments on camera.

These are my favorites:

Unicorn Photo Booth Kits

Unicorns are all the rage and I understand why – they are so adorable. If you’re planning a unicorn party, grab a photo booth kit/props. The kids (and you) will have a blast.

Construction Zone Photo Booth Kit 

Caution: fun zone! Construct the ultimate birthday celebration for your little foreman and his workers with the Construction Pals Photo Booth Kit. Get ready to dig into the fun!

Photo Booth Kits and Props


Carnival – Photo Booth Props

Step right up and join the fun! Bring the greatest show on earth to your home, and delight with a Carnival Photo Booth props.

Favorite Photo Booth Kits

Backdrops for Photo Booth

Amazon has some great backdrop ideas for your photo booth. If you want to DIY your own backdrop, here are some fab ideas.

Photo booths are so much fun and can take a party to the next level.  Have you ever been to a party or wedding that had a photo booth?

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  1. Robin (Masshole Mommy) says

    I think photo booths are so much fun. I was just at a party with one last weekend and we had a blast.

  2. Why didn’t this exist when I was a kid!? When ever Guess use to have corporate parties I always convinced my friends to hang out with me in the photoboth!

  3. My cousin had a photo booth at her wedding and it was so fun! The older folks did all kinds of crazy things. It was cute! They loved it more than the kids.

    And I think these birthday party kits are a great idea! They would be super for keeping the kids occupied for hours.

    • Yes, it would! When my daughter wanted one for her wedding, I thought it would be a big waste of money. I couldn’t believe what a hit it was.

  4. How fun! These would be brilliant for birthday parties, get together or even weddings! This is such a cool idea I’m going to check it out!

    • The professional photo booth my daughter had at her wedding was the hit of the party. I never would have thought it would be that popular.

  5. Photo Booths are so much fun. I love that these are available to have at parties and other events. It seems to be a wonderful trend.

  6. Those photo booth kits are absolutely adorable especially the “pink”. The girls would have a ball with all of that pink because this year “pink” is their color. We all have a different color every year. I also love the construction kit which would be so much fun for Tyler. Thanks foro sharing.

  7. Photo booths are definitely all the rage at parties these days! The photo booth at our daughter’s wedding 2 years ago was the hot spot of the evening too. So much fun! Such fun photo booth kits!

  8. These seem like so much fun! Perfect for any party, event or even a wedding. Thanks for sharing!

  9. I LOVE photo booths!! I remember the ones in the mall that my cousin and I would jump into every time we went!! I’m in one of my best friend’s wedding next month and she is getting a photo booth! I am so excited!!

  10. I absolutely love this idea for kids’ parties! I never even thought to do that before. I am getting married in November, and we ordered a huge booth that takes 30 sec video clips for the bride and groom before people get their photos taken. I cannot wait to see that video lol!

    • You’ll love the booth. That video will be awesome. How cool. They probably didn’t have that back in 2011. Things move so fast. 🙂

  11. This is so much fun especially for the kids and kids at heart. I love the photos of you, your sister, and Aunt!

  12. Photo booths are certainly the newest thing out there. These kits are adorable! I love it and want to include the construction one at our next birthday party!

  13. This is a really fun thing to add to a party. The carnival kit is really cool!

  14. I think those are so fun. I’ve asked my husband if we should start a tradition on taking photobooth photos on our wedding anniversary each year. So far, we’ve completed our first! They’re going to be awesome to look back on one of these days 🙂

  15. Sharon Phillips says

    I think this is a great idea. I would love to have one of these at a family reunion. It would be a blast. Everyone would have so much fun.

  16. Photo booths make such great party memories! My son had a photo booth at his wedding and everyone just loved it.

  17. Oh man, I’d LOVE a photo booth at my kiddos’ parties. This is a great idea no matter your age!

  18. These photo booth kits sound amazing! What a fun way to celebrate your birthday and make memories.

  19. Photo Booths are such a fun thing to do at parties…great memories too! 🙂 Hope to see you at Home Matters on Friday…

    Life With Lorelai

  20. I love this idea. I may do photo booths this year when my boys birthdays come around.

  21. Your pictures look like you had a lot of fun doing them. Thanks for sharing, and with that being said they remind me so much of the days when the booths were around and all you had to do was put fifty cents in them or a dollar (don’t remember) and you took pics with your best friend and you had them right away. Totally cool.

  22. Oh wow… I haven’t used a photo booth for years but they are soo much fun!

  23. How adorable! I love how simple and fun photo booths are at every event. Everyone also has so much fun and loves the outcomes! Thanks for sharing.

  24. Wow, this will definitely make for a fun party or event! Trying to get all the materials together for a good photo both can be a real task, but these kits solve that issue!

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