Slow Cooker Toffee Fondue with Fruit

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For me, fondue never goes out of style, especially when it’s Slow Cooker Toffee Fondue. I served this for Sunday dessert last week and the family went wild. For dippers, I include pound cake cubes, marshmallows, and fruit. That way, there’s something for everyone.

How to make Slow Cooker Toffee Fondue with Pound Cake Cubes and Fruit

Part of my large family eats lunch with us every Sunday after church. The entire family eats with us every other Sunday. We all look forward to spending the afternoon together watching or playing sports, talking, laughing and just being together. I’m still on cloud nine because I beat my oldest grandson and my husband in a basketball game of Around the World. Yeah, I’m the champion . . . for the time being. I’m also big-time competitive.

I usually make the dessert for Sunday lunch on Saturday, but I was crazy busy this past Saturday so I decided to make a fondue. I have several small slow cookers and a few large ones. This one works best in a small slow cooker. You can purchase one by clicking the photo below.

Slow Cooker Toffee Fondue

To make the Toffee Fondue, mix together unwrapped caramels, milk, coffee, and chocolate chips. Cover and cook on low for 2-3 hours. Stir well. Serve with pound cake cubes, fruit and/or marshmallows.

Slow Cooker Toffee Fondue

Slow Cooker Toffee Fondue


  • 14 oz. package caramels, unwrapped
  • 1/4 cup milk
  • 1/4 cup strong black coffee
  • 1/2 cup milk chocolate chips
  • Fruit, pound cake cubes and marshmallows (for dipping)


  1. Mix the unwrapped caramels, milk, coffee, and chocolate chips in a small slow cooker. Cover and cook on low for about 2 hours. Stir well. The fondue is ready to serve when it's fully melted and smooth after stirring. Continue cooking if the chocolate and caramels are not completely melted.
  2. Serve with fruit, pound cake cubes and marshmallows.
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This Toffee Fondue is perfect to serve at fall parties and family gatherings. It’s easy and delicious – just the way I like it.

Helpful Hint: To save even more time, I purchased a Sara Lee pound cake, marshmallows, and fruit to use for dipping. I cubed the cake and sliced the apples. Of course, I use skewers for dipping.

How to Make Slow Cooker Toffee Fondue

If you have time, bake my dad’s sour cream pound cake. It’s amazing and the recipe is below.

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  1. You had me at fondue! I have never had anything other than chocolate or toffee, though, so I will definitely be trying this.

  2. We love fondue at our house! I can’t wait to try this with my family. The sour cream pound cake sounds yummy too!

  3. Fondue is making a come back in a big way. Using our slow cookers to make this is wonderful and makes it that much more fun and easy to make and enjoy.

  4. I love fondue! There’s so many different things that you can do with it. This looks like it would be delicious and fun to make for another game day party! I cannot wait to try it.

  5. That looks absolutely amazing! I’ve tried lots of different fondue recipes, but I’ve never had toffee before. Yummo!

  6. This is the perfect dessert for me. I just LOVE fondue. I’ll have to make this for my family one night. We’d probably eat so much of it.

  7. I think that’s wonderful that your entire family eats together every other Sunday. We used to do that with my husband’s family after church each week. The fondue looks delicious too.

  8. This is another reason to get a slow cooker. I would make that fondue for a special party and with Halloween coming could be a chance to use it.

  9. You are so speaking to me with this one. OMG. Toffee fondue sounds so good. I’ll have to try this soon.

  10. This is so mouthwatering I never make fordue before but it looks so easy. I think I would try the chocolate one this weekend I can’t wait.

  11. This recipe sounds so delicious. It would definitely satisfy the sweets craving! Perfect for upcoming holiday parties and potlucks.

  12. What a nice idea this would be so great specially there will be allot of events this coming months .

  13. You have so many great recipes here in your website. This becomes my go-to online place when I need a recipe.

  14. I love toffee! I need to make this right away. I only use my slow cooker for making our main meals. I always forget about using it to make treats.

  15. This looks so amazing. Toffee is one of my favorites! Now I’m going to have to give this a try. I think this would be fun for the holidays.

  16. That looks seriously amazing! I love fondue and anything like it!

  17. This looks great. I love fondue and fruit. It would be so fun to just get to do this at a party.

  18. Yum! This is right up my alley. I would love to try this! Sounds absolutely delicious!

  19. You just gave me some great ideas for a teen gathering we are planning for our school. Can’t wait!

  20. Hello Alli,

    Wow! Definitely, I will try this. Can’t wait to use my new slow cooker with this recipe.

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