Vintage Letter Jackets – Trending Right This Second

by Alli

Wait a sec while I venture deep into the abyss of my closet. I’ve almost . . .  almost . . .  yes, I’ve got it – that trendy Wilcox County High School blue and gold letter jacket. Yep, vintage letter jackets are trending right this minute!  Don’t believe me?  

Check Out Glamour Mag & Vintage Letter Jackets

Check out the February issue of Glamour (page 46)! The vintage letter jacket is a do! All the celebs are wearing them and Taylor Swift is sporting one that is the exact same color as mine. Yes, I said mine.

I grew up in a family where sports reigned supreme. We were taught to love God, family, and sports. That’s right. Sports. Any and all sports.

Cheerleading and Basketball

I became an official cheerleader when I was six years old. My uniform consisted of a navy pleated skirt, white button-down blouse, white knee socks, and black and white bebops (saddle oxfords). And I cheered straight through to high school.


And I played basketball. I loved playing Junior Varsity Basketball (aka B-team). I still recall our chain-smoking coach. Yep, he smoked right there in the gym! And I will never forget suicide drills and running until we almost passed out when we lost a game.  

I will never forget a small make-up case falling from the compartment above the seats on the school bus after an away game and hitting a good friend on the head. It knocked her out and the bus had to stop by the emergency room! It happened. I pinky swear!

I Made Varsity 

And then I made varsity in the 9th grade. It was, shall I say, a whole new world. I was no longer a starter. I was back to square one. In fact, I was in the process of exiting this side of puberty. I had missed the pimples but not the pudginess.

Those polyester uniform shorts (opposite of the satin mismatched b-team ones) were so not the epitome of fashion, and I was intimidated because I was a freshman.

I was in awe of the senior girls, the other teams, the crowds, OK, everyone! And I felt like all eyes in that gym was focused on me. I would get nervous and almost throw up.

I was so terrified that I would make a fool out of myself. And I wanted to quit. Actually, I wanted to scream and shout and let it all out (sang in my best Brittany voice).  

Vintage Letter Jackets

But I wouldn’t tell my dad. Quitting was not an option. So I endured. And every time Coach Wilson decided to send in a sub, I, sitting as far away from the coach as possible, would shrink back and try to make myself invisible while his eyes roamed up and down that bench.

It worked most of the time unless I popped back out too quickly and he caught me in the corner of his eye.

But deep in the recesses of my closet, I have my vintage letter jacket. Vintage letter jackets are so on point. So, I’m going to pull it out and prance around the house today while it’s still trending! Today, I’m a do!

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