5 Baby Steps For Crushing Your Goals Once and For All

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In the past, I’ve often been an all-or-nothing kind of girl when it comes to improving my eating habits. This time around, I’ve decided to take baby steps for staying on track. With shopping list in hand, I headed to Walmart to stock up on everything I need to be successful in my quest to find great pairings for lunchtime solutions.

5 Baby Steps for Crushing Your Goals Once and For All

See, I have this thing about getting too involved in my work and forgetting to eat lunch. Before I know it, it’s 3:00 in the afternoon and I haven’t eaten lunch. I’ve found that when I skip lunch, my energy tanks and I become moody and irritable.

5 Baby Steps for Crushing Your Goals

1. Plan to Succeed.

Baby Steps for Crushing Your Goals

We’ve all heard the old saying, “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.” Planning takes time, but it’s time well spent. When I decided to stop skipping lunch, I knew I had to implement a plan to make it happen.

2. Ease into new routines.

One of my goals is to get more steps in on a daily basis. Walking is my favorite exercise. It would be foolish to try and run 5 miles on my first day exercising. I ease into a routine by getting more steps today than I did yesterday.

3. Stop sabotaging yourself.

I’ve made so many excuses for skipping lunch in the past. I don’t have time to fix a midday meal. There’s nothing in the pantry. Those days are over. No more excuses.

Baby Steps for Crushing It

While shopping at Walmart, I looked for lunch solutions that taste good and are easy to make. I found just what I was looking for on the endcap of the soup aisle.

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Campbell’s Well Yes!™ Soup is a new product and comes in a variety of flavors that immediately caught my eye. Tomato Carrot Bisque contains a touch of cream and is vegetarian (2 cups vegetables). Black Bean with Red Quinoa contains tomatoes, corn & red peppers; 3/4 cup veggies and no preservatives. Hearty Lentil with Vegetables contains chickpeas and roasted garlic, 3/4 cups vegetables and no preservatives. All of the cans have non-BPA lining. These soups are right up my alley!

Baby Steps to Crushing Your Goals

I’m excited about trying all the new flavors of Campbell’s Well Yes!™ Soups. Pairing these soups with a salad or sandwich is the perfect lunchtime solution for me and I now look forward to taking a midday break. Each can of soup has two servings – one for today and one for tomorrow.

Baby Steps to Crushing Your Goals

Helpful Hint: Be on the lookout for a Well Yes!™ coupon available in Sunday papers on 3/12! Also, check out the in-store demos at select nationwide Walmart stores 2/16 – 2/19. Please note that demos are at the store’s discretion.

4. Focus on Fewer Goals.

Baby Steps for Crushing Your Goals

I don’t know about you, but I get overwhelmed when I have too many goals to focus on. That’s why I only have two main goals this year for myself – stop skipping lunch and walk more. I have a few business goals, but as far as improving myself, I only have two. It’s much easier than having two pages full of goals.

5. Don’t beat yourself up if you fail.

Pick yourself up, dust yourself off and keep trying. We only truly fail when we decide to stop trying.When you set realistic goals, ease into the new goals, and plan to succeed, you’re well on your way to crushing it!

Now that I’ve stopped skipping meals and am enjoying lunch on a daily basis, I have more energy and my creative juices are flowing. I’m crushing my goals with baby steps! How about you? Have you set any new goals?


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Baby Steps for Crushing Your Goals Once and For All


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  1. robin masshole mommy says:

    These are all super important to remember. I am one of those people that beats myself up if I have a slip up and I need to remember not to.

  2. This reminds me of the mantra that I always keep in mind “Do the first things first”

    Thank you for this timely reminder!

  3. Yesterday was my first day of ‘doing better’ with exercise! I was in pain last night! I rarely skip lunch but what I do is ruin my supper because I get busy and eat lunch too late when I’m starving. I have a can of this soup in my pantry and now I think it will be my lunch today!
    Happy Valentines Day!
    Shirley Wood recently posted…How To Make A Latte At HomeMy Profile

  4. Yes, don’t beat yourself up if you fail rings true. When failing, it gives you an opportunity to learn from that experience and continue forward with that knowledge.
    Katie Kinsley recently posted…BROWN PALACE HOTELMy Profile

  5. I haven’t tried these yet, but they look yummy. I did so good at end of yer losing 10 pounds but can’t seem to get motivated. I will try these steps!

  6. I think easing into routines is the easiest way for me to accomplish goals. I like to go on a week-by-week basis to get into the habit of things.
    Lisa Favre recently posted…Focusing on Shoe LoveMy Profile

  7. These are great tips. I think it’s important to really ease yourself into your new lifestyle and to make sure you set forth goals that you can accomplish.
    Paula Schuck recently posted…Wedding Cruises – Three Cruise Lines for the Seafaring Bride and GroomMy Profile

  8. Soup is so easy to have around. No more skipping lunch excuses. I just bought a bunch of these myself and I’ve even been giving a thermos of soup to my kids as part of their lunch. #client
    Carolyn West recently posted…How to Make the Best Coffee Latte at HomeMy Profile

  9. It really is important to plan your meals if you want to eat healthy. Whenever I skip lunch I tend to snack before and after dinner and they usually are not good food choices.

  10. Great ideas and so what if you fall off. Start again and learn why a step back was taken. Continue on your journey.
    candy recently posted…Kiwi DehydratedMy Profile

  11. This is a great reminder. Being diabetic, I have to have 6 small meals a day to keep my blood sugar level from fluctuating. However, I find it hard to comply with this and I end up having 3 large meals and a blood sugar level spike. I think those Campbells soups would sustain me and help me to eat regularly. I will have to stock up on those. The Hearty Lentil and Vegetable Soup sounds delicious!

  12. I don’t skip lunch inch, but I can be bad about skipping breakfast. These are great tips for crushing any goal!

  13. These soups look good! I wouldn’t have thought of tomato and carrot sounding good together, but I’ll have to try it.
    Jacqui @FlightsFancyMom recently posted…Following Your Dreams No Matter WhatMy Profile

  14. Can’t wait to walk
    with you in March. 🙂

  15. Great suggestions and advice! Beating yourself up is top priority with a lot of folks. I believe you have to do the best and be the best you can be, but don’t give trying to be better than yesterday!

  16. These are great tips. And, I have to say, that tomato carrot bisque soup looks delicious! I’m going to have to give Campbell’s Well YES! a try. 🙂
    Lorelai @ Life With Lorelai recently posted…House Buying and Selling Tips You Must KnowMy Profile

  17. I loved the idea of easing into your transition. The way that you are moving will lead to success in keeping it going far. Good for you!

  18. It’s definitely important not to beat yourself up. It can be hard to get back on the wagon once you have fallen off.
    Jaime Nicole recently posted…Valentine’s Day and Bullying: 3 Quick Tips for ParentsMy Profile

  19. the don’t beat yourself up happened to me a few days ago. i have doing really good with my eating and working out but i got cocky and fell off for a few days and i could really tell it. i was so hard on myself and then i thought stop whining and handle it so i am back at it again.
    Dawn Gibson-Thigpen recently posted…Love and Dishes will Flow for Couples at Blue Matisse Restaurant this Valentine’s Day! Anti-Valentine’s Day Supporters Also WelcomeMy Profile

  20. I agree with the less is more approach to reaching your goals. Breaking them down makes them achievable and that feels good.
    Mimi Green recently posted…A Nineteen Year Old Killed It At Fashion WeekMy Profile

  21. Great tips on staying on track with your goals. And perfect timing I did see the coupon in Sunday’s ads and was curious about the new Campbell’s Well Yes soups. Now I’m going to rip that out and go find some!
    Sue Reddel recently posted…How To Travel to Cuba Legally Without A Costly TourMy Profile

  22. These are great tips!! I’m ready to crush my goals!!
    Nikka Shae recently posted…East Coast Wings + Grill: Wings That Zing + Other ThingsMy Profile

  23. Very useful tips.. I need to crush my goals! Those Campbells products look tasty and healthy.

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