5 Benefits of Indoor Faux Plants

by Alli

5 Benefits of Indoor Faux Plants is sponsored by Nearly Natural. All opinions are my own.

Sometimes you just have to fake having a green thumb. When it comes to gardening outside, I have to say that I’ve got a pretty good green thumb. When it comes to inside plants, I tend to be all thumbs.

I often find myself forgetting to water and care for indoor plants. That’s why I love Nearly Natural. They have the prettiest faux plants.

Check out all the great Valentine’s Day plants. It’s the perfect time to pick out some flowers or plants to liven up your home. 

Did you know that there are many benefits to having indoor plants? Here are just a few reasons to include indoor plants or flowers.

5 Benefits of Indoor Faux Plants

1. Indoor plants are beautiful and add color and texture to a room. 

Indoor plants are like jewelry. Just like that perfect statement pair of earrings or necklace, faux plants can make a room look finished. Just make sure you go with high-quality when you’re adding faux indoor plants. 

2. Studies show that house plants improve concentration and productivity.

I’m totally on board with anything that improves my productivity. If you work from home, you need house plants in your life. 

3. Indoor plants will boost your mood and reduce stress levels. 

Studies have shown that indoor plants will reduce stress, lower blood pressure and make you happier. It’s a win-win-win!

4. You don’t need a green thumb.

Faux plants are trending big right now and you don’t need a green thumb to have beautiful plants in every room of your house. 

5. Nearly Natural indoor plants and flowers are durable and look natural.

Plus, faux plants are low-maintenance and safe. They are also non-toxic to pets and kids. 

Phalaenopsis Orchid and Cactus Artificial Arrangement

I’m loving my new faux arrangement from Nearly Natural. It’s beautiful and reminds me of springtime. 

Faux orchid arrangement with cactus and hydrangeas in rustic bronze planter

This arrangement is filled with realistic phalaenopsis orchids, hydrangea blooms, and cactus. It comes in a rustic planter that will complement my modern farmhouse style. 

Faux plants in a bronze rustic shallow planter

My husband and I are in the process of building a new home and I can’t wait to add a silk olive tree to my decor. I’ve been eyeing a few of them at Nearly Natural. 

two faux olive trees in white plantersThey also have a woven planter with tassels that I have my eye on.

woven basket with tassels around the top

Meanwhile, don’t forget to take advantage of their Valentine’s Day plants and flowers sale. Faux plants or flowers are the perfect gift for yourself or your special valentine. 


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