How To Grow An indoor Vegetable Garden

by Alli

Can You Grow a vegetable garden indoors? You sure can! If you don’t have the outdoor space, you can grow an indoor vegetable garden. 

I love gardening and growing my own food. And I love to encourage others to do the same thing from growing herbs to cooking with fresh vegetables. 

What about those people that live in an apartment? Are they not able to grow their own food and have to buy from the supermarket for every meal? And some people may have mobility issues and are not able to have an actual garden outside even if they have space.

Luckily, there are options for those people. You can grow some of your own food indoors and enjoy fresh produce.

Herb Garden in bright window - Growing vegetables inside

You’ll have to be a bit creative and give up some of your comfortable space over to your indoor garden, and you’ll be able to enjoy fresh produce whenever you want. Don’t worry about what it will look like. You can incorporate some design elements in your indoor gardens such as wall water fountains or an herb garden wall in the kitchen.

The Ideal Spot for Your Indoor Vegetable Garden

You’ll need to look for the sunniest spot inside your home. Though not all plants like direct sunlight, they will benefit from a sunny area and can be placed so they get the right amount of sunlight.

Before you buy any planter or the plants themselves, take some time to make a chart of where and when you get your sunlight.

You can literally draw an outline of every room and draw in the area that gets the sunlight at different times. Also, make note of what time the sun is brightest. 

Then, clear that space to make room for some containers. If the floor doesn’t get much sunlight, make sure to place the containers on a table or shelf that will allow them to get into the light.

Hydroponics Indoor Gardening

Hydroponics - Indoor Gardening

Another option to grow your own garden is to set up a hydroponic station in your home. Growing plants in water instead of soils is extremely efficient and allows you to grow them just about anywhere.

The idea is that the roots are in water that is rich with nutrients that the plants need. You can get much higher yields from small spaces by using a hydroponic system. Ironically, a hydroponic system also uses less water so even if you have the area to grow a garden outside, a hydroponic system is more eco friendly in some ways.

If you have a basement, this is the ideal place to set one up. You will also need some grow lights as the plants won’t get any sunlight there, after all. 

You’ll also have far more options as to what to plant and grow when you use a hydroponic system. 

Grow lights For Indoor Vegetable Garden

Even if you don’t decide on a hydroponic system, you can still set up some grow lights and use your basement to grow some veggies. Microgreens are a great candidate for grow light gardens. They are easy to grow, fast to grow, and super nutritious. 

In less than two weeks you can be harvesting your greens from seed. They make a great addition to salads and a perfect filling for a healthy sandwich.

Growing Vegetables Inside - Greens Growing Under Grow Lights

Also, sprouted seeds like chia, soy, chickpeas, and others can do well with a grow light and need very little space. 

What grows well indoors?

When you grow food in your house and are not using grow lights for hydroponics, you have to be somewhat selective on what you plant. An herb garden can do well in most spaces and the kitchen is an obvious spot.

But, as far as vegetables, they have to be more or less contained in the pot they grow in. So, zucchini are out as well as any climbing plant like cucumbers, squash, or green beans.

Leafy greens like spinach, kale, and arugula can be grown in small spaces and can do well in your house. A bonus with many greens is that you can cut and regrow them. That means that when you cut off what you need, the leaves will regrow since you don’t need to pull them out by the root.

Spinach Leaves on a dark brown wooden countertop

Radishes, small tomato plants, and even scallions will grow really well inside your house. 

See! You can have an indoor vegetable garden!

While it may not give you a huge yield, your indoor garden can still put fresh, healthy vegetables on your table. Whatever you decide to grow, you will happy that you did. The difference between freshly grown and store-bought is dramatic.

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