Lego-Inspired Party Theme

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Do you have a child who loves, loves, loves, Legos?  This Lego-Inspired Birthday Party is for him or her!  As long as I don’t have to step on a Lego while barefooted, I’m good to go.

Lego Party

What’s cute, colorful, super fun, and a snap to put together? A Building Block Party!  It can be tough for busy parents to construct a party with a theme that’s both easy and enjoyable for their kiddo and fellow party-goers. That’s why I love Amazon. They have everything you need to plan a building block party. Lego-Inspired Party

This Lego-Inspired Party Theme is bright, colorful, and oh-so-fun!  This party is a snap to put together!  OK – I couldn’t resist. 🙂

Lego-Inspired Party Theme

A Lego-Inspired Party is so Easy to Plan!

Construct a Building Block Party in a Box – First, select the number of guests attending the celebration. Then, choose the Building Block Party in a Box that best suits your celebration:

    • Basic: Contains all of the essentials, like tableware, balloons and curling ribbon.
    • Deluxe: Make it extra special by adding a personalized birthday banner and more decorations like centerpieces and crepe paper to the Basic Party in a Box.
    • Deluxe with Favors: Give gifts to your guests.
    • Ultimate: Bring the wow with everything in the Basic, Deluxe, and Deluxe with Favors packages, plus fun extras like decorations and candy!

Building Block Party Treat Bags – These colorful Building Block Party Treat Bags are perfect for storing all kinds of favors and prizes — from Glitter Bounce Balls and Glow Light Sticks to Rainbow Blowouts and colorful candy!

Lego Inspired Party theme

Building Block Balloon Bouquet – Add some levity to your Building Block Party with a Balloon Bouquet! The Building Block Balloon Bouquet includes (2) Building Block Foil Balloons, (2) Blue Star Foil Balloons, (6) Assorted Latex Balloons, (2) Red Curling Ribbons, and (1) Blue Metallic Balloon Weight.

Balloon Bouquet for Legos Inspired Birthday Party

Lego Inspired Party Theme

If your child loves Legos, he or she will be over the moon for the Lego-Inspired Birthday Party. Happy Party Planning!


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  1. Both of my daughters (and I) absolutely love playing with Legos. This is such a fun, easy way to incorporate Legos into a birthday party! Love it!

  2. This is such a cute theme for a party! My husband really loves Legos and I’m actually contemplating a Lego party for his next birthday. Who says you have to grow up??

  3. What a cute Lego theme party!! I love to order sets like this it makes set up so much easier for parties.

  4. You are a grreat party planner. It is a gift ,you know. I so enjoy seeing your creativity.

  5. My little cousin would love this. He is a major fan of Lego’s and he has to watch The Lego Moive daily.

  6. Oh my goodness, this is absolutely adorable! I love when all the party accessories match!

  7. Looks like some fun items to put a party together for kids. The lego cookies or rice crispy I see on one side of the table look good!

  8. These decorations are so cute! I don’t have any little ones around now to plan parties for but will share this with my friends that love legos.

  9. This is a fun idea for a birthday party! I bet my girls would love this theme idea for their parties.

  10. Wow this looks great!!! my nephews birthday is coming up so I will stealing your party idea lol 🙂 We all love playing with lego .. this is just a great idea

  11. This is just adorable. I can’t think of any kid that would not love a party like this.

  12. My officemate’s son loves Lego that they even went to a parent-child Lego competition! Surely they’ll love this party idea on their next event!

  13. This looks so cute! I love the jello “blocks” for the party food and build your own pizza. What great ideas!

  14. NYC SingleMom says

    we are huge LEGO fans and every idea is perfect for fans. I am going to have to check with my daughter if she is on board to have this as her theme.

  15. My kids love playing with Lego’s so this party theme would be for them. I love those rice crispy Lego treats so cute!

  16. This is totally cool! I love how Legos are SO timeless!

  17. What an awesome kit! I would have loved a party like this as a little kid. Sadly, none of my kids are totally into LEGOS enough to want a party theme for it! 🙁

  18. Oh my goodness, my grandson would go ape over this that’s for sure. He’s the king of the lego monsters. hahahaha He loves legos. I’m going to definitely have to turn my daughter on to this that’s for sure.

  19. I love this! I loved Legos as a kid and this is such a fun theme for a party. So cute!

  20. This looks like such a fun party! What an awesome idea, any child would love this!

  21. What a cute party! Can you be my mom? My daughter would LOVE that. Assuming it was pink and purple 🙂

  22. These is so fabulous. My youngest would love this, he is obsessed with legos.

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