Melinda’s Amazing Weight Loss Story

by Alli

Y’all should all know my sister, Melinda, by now, and I’m so excited to share Melinda’s Amazing Weight Loss Story! Actually, she’s going to share it.  But first . . .

I thought Melinda was going to kill me when I put up some before photos (keep reading to see them down below). 

Melinda Was My First An Alli Event Fan!

At the beginning of 2013, when I first started blogging, Melinda was my one constant fan. I don’t really like the word fan because it’s not like I’m a movie star or anything, but she was (and is) my rock.  

When all I heard was crickets, Melinda was there sharing every single post I wrote with her teacher friends in Colorado. And now my Mocha Punch tradition is their’s, too!

Melinda Was Always Slim When We Were Growing Up

Melinda is only 18 months younger than me and she was always skinny when we were growing up. I was always a little on the chunkier side.  

When we were teens, as soon as we’d get home from school, she’d begin peeling potatoes to make homemade french fries for an afternoon snack while we watched The Brady Bunch and The Partridge Family.  

I was usually on some weirdo diet and would eye those french fries longingly. She stayed a size 2 (not vanity sizing back then).

After growing up and being whisked away to Colorado to marry the man of her dreams, Melinda later had 2 kids and stayed as slim as ever.

Thyroid Troubles And Weight Gain

Then it happened, she began experiencing thyroid problems and the weight gain that came along with those problems.

Fast forward a few years and we had returned home from a beach vacation with our mom, dad, and extended family. Melinda told me that looking at herself in those vacation photos made her rethink her eating/exercise habits and come to terms with her weight gain.

Before Photos

Melinda's Amazing Weight Loss Story

Melinda, Mom, Me

family photo of Melinda before the weight loss

After Photos

Melinda hiking in after photo

Melinda can tell the story so much better than I can. After all, she’s lived it. So, I welcome my favorite (and only) sister to the blog.  

Weight Loss Story - Melinda in front of red truck

Please note that these photos are not professional except for the red truck ones, and they have not been edited or filtered. It is what it is.

Weight Loss Before And After Photos

Melinda’s Amazing Weight Loss Story (In Her Own Words)

Hi, my name is Melinda and I am the attendance secretary at Meridian Ranch Elementary. I decided in May of 2014 that I would commit to lose the extra weight and become healthier. I began to decrease my food intake and increase physical activity. 

A group from my school started walking two days a week after school and a parent volunteered to host an exercise class one day a week. I also started hiking and enjoying the outdoors with my family.

I have now lost 72 pounds and have kept it off for 5 years!

Fitbit Challenge At Work – Melinda’s Amazing Weight Loss 

When the D-49 Fitbit challenge started, I was excited to participate. I felt like I was not losing weight as quickly as I wanted.  So I committed to 10,000 steps per day. After I made 10,000, I set a goal of increasing my steps and reaching 20,000…after 20,000; I set a goal of 30,000…I really got carried away and some days made it over 50,000! I found out how competitive I really am! 

I tried to get in 20,000 steps every single day during the challenge. Here is what I do during the Fitbit challenges:

  • When I am at my desk, I’ll stand up and walk in place. 
  • During lunch, I spend at least 20 minutes walking around the school after I eat. 
  • When I run errands around the school, I add a lap or three. Some members of my team walk with me every afternoon after school for at least an hour. 
  • When I get home, I walk on the treadmill while I watch TV.

Some people would say I have become obsessed with stepping. When people see me at work they shake their heads because I am constantly stepping.

My husband wanted to take a weekend getaway, but I made him wait until after the challenge. Many nights I have been up at midnight on my treadmill…and some mornings I can’t sleep and I’m on the treadmill at 4 am.

BUT, I have lost another 7 pounds! So, I think it’s been worth it!  

Please Note: I retired in 2020 and these days I aim for 10,000 steps a day. 

Edited to Add: Melinda’s team won the challenge and went on to win every Fitbit challenge they entered! This girl is on fire!

Melinda’s Eating and Exercise Weight-Loss Plan

Typical Eating Plan:  

I usually eat oatmeal or cereal with skim milk for breakfast and sometimes I add a boiled egg. 

Lunch is typically a turkey sandwich on thin bread with cottage cheese and peaches.

Dinner varies. Some nights I eat a large salad with protein and veggies. Other nights, I’ll have a chicken breast or fish with a vegetable and a salad.

I pay close attention to portion control. If I have a hamburger when I go out to eat with my family, I’ll order a side salad instead of fries.

I Eat Snacks, Too

I eat lots of veggies and fruit. Snacks usually consist of a banana, an apple, and nuts. When I overdo it on the exercise during a challenge, I will eat a protein bar at night. 

Exercise:  I walk/run 6 miles every morning at 4:00 AM. I’ve also added jumping jacks, sit-ups, and jumping rope to my exercise routine.

Edited To Add: I also joined a Zumba class and I love it! 

Melinda Is Turning 60!

I will turn 60 this month (January 2021). Now that I’ve retired and have moved back to my home state of Georgia, I miss the Fitbit challenges we’d have at school. As I stated above, I now aim for 10,000 steps a day and I still watch what I eat. 

Do I ever splurge? Of course! But I’ve learned that moderation is the key. 

Update On Melinda’s Amazing Weight Loss Story

Melinda has kept her weight off for several years. Keep reading to see how she’s doing in 2021!

I think my sister looks great, don’t you? I’m so proud of her and she truly is my superhero! (This photo below was taken during Halloween 2015 – Melinda is in the middle) (sorry about the quality of the photo)

Melinda's Amazing Weight Loss Story

Here’s one of my sister’s Christmas photos from several years ago while she was losing weight. 

Come see the BEFORE and AFTER of Melinda's Amazing Weight Loss Story. Click the pic!

Edited To Update – January 2021!

Check out Melinda and her husband. This was taken during the Christmas season of 2019. They didn’t have a professional photo made in 2020 because, you know. 

A couple standing in front of a red truck

Here she is in 2020 at her retirement party! See, it’s possible to lose the weight and keep it off. Melinda has kept the weight off for 5 years. 

Melinda seated at a table - Melinda's Amazing Weight Loss Story

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This post was originally published in January of 2016 and updated in January 2021.