Helping the Grief-Stricken – 7 Practical Ways

Sometimes we have absolutely no clue as to what to do or say when a friend is grieving. That’s why I put together my top 7 tips on helping the grief-stricken.  My husband and I have been in the ministry (pastoring) for over 30 years. And I love just about everything about it. I adore […]

How to Find Shopping Steals and Deals

I’m sharing all my shopping steals and deals today. Don’t forget to comment and leave your favorite tips for saving money when shopping.  I still have the tags from a pair of classic white Bermuda shorts (by one of my favorite designers) I purchased last summer.  The original price (not suggested) was $120.00. Score!  I […]

Is Your Salad Dressed to Kill?

I well remember the days, er, years when I would automatically order a great big salad every time I went out to dinner.  And I was always so proud of myself.  Until . . . the public demanded that restaurants share the nutritional value of their meals.  I have a love/hate relationship with Eat This/Not […]

Throwing an Award Winning Viewing Party

This post is sponsored by Applebee’s.  All opinions are my own. Throwing An Award winning viewing party is the perfect time to bring out the glitz and glam!  Are you preparing for the red carpet watch parties?  Are you getting your voting slips ready and thinking of the best food to serve? Throwing an Award […]

Christmas Tree Decoration Tips

Decorating a Christmas tree is not rocket science, you say.  Oh, contraire! When I look back at some of the first Christmas trees I decorated in my younger years, I just laugh and laugh.  Charlie Brown had nothing on me!  Here’s some of my Christmas tree decoration tips I’ve learned along the way. 3 Easy […]

How to Blog Like A Pro

I have a confession to make:  I’m addicted to research.  I research all of my vacation destinations months before I ever book the trip.  You can find my top 10 packing tips here! Whenever I try something new, I find out all I can about it before I take the plunge.  My family says that […]

10 Tips to Make Your Living Room Pop

It’s no secret that I love to decorate and I was thrilled and very flattered when a non-relative teen walked into my house for the first time and said, “Oh my gosh, this looks like it could be in a magazine.”  She’s now my favorite person in the entire world!  (But what do teens know?) […]

My Top 10 Packing Tips for Vacation Trips

My top Ten Packing Tips includes affiliate links. If you click a link and make a purchase, I may receive a small commision at no extra cost to you.  It’s that time of year – summer vacation time! I always look forward to our annual family vacation in North Myrtle Beach with all of our […]

18 Fashion Tips for Men

Since Google Analytics pinky swears that I have more men followers than women, this one’s for the men.  But ladies, if you are like me, you help choose your husband’s wardrobe, so this one’s for you, too! Clothing says so much about a person.  So, with that in mind, I’m about to make you men […]

My Top 8 Makeup Tips

I admit it. I’m over 50.  Actually, I admitted it a while back when I wrote about The Nifty Fifties.  I know, I know, I don’t look a day over 40.  Just kidding.  And I’m sure you are asking yourself why I’m sharing my top 8 makeup tips while sitting there thinking that I don’t […]