Baby Costumes for Halloween

by Alli

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I do believe that Baby costumes for Halloween get better every year. Do you remember the plastic costumes?  We thought they were the greatest thing ever. These days, soft and cuddly costumes are reasonably priced, and knowing your child is warm and cozy – and no plastic – is such a relief.

Who remembers those plastic Halloween masks with the eye and nose cutouts that never quite lined up with our eyes and noses?  What about that elastic string that held the mask on?  Seems I got popped in the face many times by that string! Often times, it was hard to breathe in those plastic masks.

I remember wearing the mask on top of my head until I arrived at the next house for trick or treating.  Then I’d pull that mask down and pray I wouldn’t fall as I walked up to the door for the main event – the candy!

Halloween costumes have come a long way, haven’t they?  Back in the day, even the costume was plastic! Did babies even get in on the action back then?  Babies can get in on all the action now. These baby costumes for Halloween are simply adorable! Which costume will you choose?

Best Baby Costumes for Halloween

This little lamb costume looks so soft and cuddly.

So, what’s cuter than a kid on Halloween? How about a baby dressed up in costume on Halloween? Amazon has an adorable line-up of top-rated infant costumes that are sure to be the star of the show this Halloween.

How about a little hoot owl?

Halloween Costumes for Babies

Here are a few more baby costumes that will make you shriek with delight!

Isn’t this baby dragon adorable?

Baby Dragon Halloween Costume for Babies

Happy Haloween! Does your baby/toddler dress up for Halloween? Which costume is your favorite? I can’t decide between the lamb, the owl and the dragon. Decisions. Decisions.


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