Best Key Lime Desserts

by Alli

If you love citrus, you’ll love these key lime desserts! These are all tried and true recipes that I have been making for years. You may have a difficult time deciding which key lime dessert to try first.

My son-in-law loves my no-fail key lime pie. It’s his favorite dessert that I make. You can find the recipe down below with the other key lime recipes. 

What Is A Key Lime?

Key Limes are so much more than a regular (Persian or Tahiti) lime’s little cousin. Key Limes are sometimes called West Indies limes or Mexican limes. 

Key Limes in a white bowl

The juice of key limes is tart and aromatic. And, there’s a slight difference in the taste of a key lime vs. a regular Persian lime.

However, if you can’t find key limes, it’s just fine to use regular limes. Whichever type of lime you choose, make sure you never used the bottled lime juice for a key lime dessert. Fresh squeezed is always better. 

Fresh lime juice doesn’t have the preservatives that are found in bottled juice. Plus, the bottled stuff doesn’t taste as good.  

I always buy more limes than I think I’ll need when making a key lime dessert. That way, I’m sure to get enough juice and if I have any leftovers, I can use the leftover limes in my iced tea

The Best Way To Juice A Key Lime

I like to roll the key limes on the kitchen counter to help soften the limes and help with juicing. You can also microwave the key limes for about 15-20 seconds to soften up the lime and it helps with juicing.

Use a citrus reamer to extract the juice. It’s so much easier than using your hands. 

key limes and a citrus reamer on a cutting board

Best Way To Zest a Lime

I always use a lemon zester to zest the limes. The zest is the outside colored part of the lime peel. The white underneath is called the pith and it’s bitter so try not to zest any of the pith when zesting a lime.

lime zest and microplane on wooden cutting board

Helpful Hint: Always zest the limes before you juice them. 

Best Key Lime Desserts

These are the best key lime desserts. I have been making these desserts for years and they always get rave reviews.

Check out more great recipes below!



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