New Year’s Eve Tablescape & Menu

Do you have big plans for New Year’s Eve?  How do you usher in the new year? My plans are the same as they’ve been for years – staying home, dozing off and waking up at midnight to see the old year out and the new year in with my husband and whatever kid(s) happens […]

The Dreaded Family Christmas Photo

It’s a riot each year when I try to get all 13 family members together for our annual family photo!  And I always put my spin on what happened. Here goes another dreaded family Christmas photo!  It’s that time again – the dreaded family Christmas photo. I shouldn’t complain. I’m the one who insists on […]

Gift Wrapping Tips

You may or may not have all of your gifts wrapped by now, so this is for all of you that still have miles and miles of ribbon and bows and a closet full of presents to be dressed and readied for the big day. Some years I’ve been rushed and toward the end of […]

Improve Your Health in 2015

How many times have you “tried harder” to improve your health? How many times have you “tried harder” than the last time, only to fail again? You probably beat yourself up afterwards. You probably told yourself that if you just tried harder the next time around, you’d succeed. Here’s a secret: no you wouldn’t. Trying […]

Leave Barbie & GI Joe Alone

I grew up with GI Joe and Barbie. Barbie and I were born the same year, only a few months apart. She’s held up slightly better than I have. In fact, she hasn’t changed that much at all. My sister, Melinda, and I officiated many secret GI Joe and Barbie weddings when we were little […]

Ultimate Christian Living Bundle

Kids are our greatest blessing and often, our greatest challenge! Just when you think you’re getting it figured out, they surprise you. That’s why we’ve created this amazing Ultimate Christian Living Bundle of e-books, e-courses and audio books as a sort of family survival pack. It’s a library of over $1,140 worth of over 80 […]

10 Christmas Gifts for Kids With Everything

If you asked most kids to name the gifts they received for Christmas last year, they would probably have to think for a bit to remember. Sure, they all want the latest, greatest, trendiest toys and usually tire of them within the first month.  Most toddlers throw the toy aside in favor of the box […]

Are You A Loser?

I’m all about winning in life. I firmly believe in living a positive life and I believe that what I focus on the longest becomes the strongest. I’m a glass all the way full and running over kind of girl . . . Until it comes to giveaways, sweepstakes, etc. True Story:  I know a […]

7 Ways to Help A Grieving Friend

My husband and I have been in ministry for over 30 years.  And I love just about everything about it.  I adore baby dedication services. I’m a total romantic and I cry tears of happiness every time I see a bride walk down the aisle.  I love planning baby showers and bridal soirees! There is one […]

Choking Hazards for Kids & Adults

Today is the last day of  Baby Safety Month, so I thought it fitting to share this information in order to help keep babies, children and adults safe! Have you ever been eating and swallowed a big chunk of food and it got stuck in your throat?  It’s a horrible feeling! [Tweet “Each year, more […]