Hit or Miss – Root Beer Float Pie

by Alli

I was recently browsing Pinterest for a lite dessert that I could serve on Easter Sunday alongside Dixie’s Pecan Pie Cobbler. You can find the famous cobbler recipe here! I decided to make a Root Beer Float Pie. 

I always try to offer at least one dessert that is lower in calories or fat just in case someone is actually watching what they eat during a holiday dinner.

Back to browsing on Pinterest

When I stumbled upon a Root Beer Float Pie from Taste of Home, I pretty much figured it would be a big hit coming from one of the best food magazines around. And when I saw the list of ingredients and how simple it was to make, I was all in.

Root Beer Float Pie

The recipe calls for 5 ingredients, including a 3/4 cup of diet root beer and a ready-made graham cracker crust.

Was it a hit or miss?

Before I give the verdict, let me preface it with the fact that I don’t like root beer. At all.  

But I do like trying new recipes so I gave it a whirl.

My husband liked it. Daughter #3 liked it. Daughter #1 said, and I quote, “If this had been the only dessert, I would have loved it, but when you put this low fat, low sugar concoction up against the pecan pie cobbler, the root beer float pie doesn’t stand a chance!”


As for me, I’m straddling the fence with this one! I’m thinking that if I could substitute the diet root beer for a diet lemon-lime beverage, it might work. Most root beer contains anise and/or licorice root. And I can’t stand black licorice, so there you go.

Will I ever make Root Beer Float Pie again?

I really don’t know! Maybe. Maybe not. It wasn’t a miss, but was it a hit? It wasn’t an OMG moment. I rate it a 3 (out of 5 stars).

Here’s the recipe for root beer float pie!

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