DIY Baseball Flip Flops

How To Embellish Flip Flops Using Old Baseballs

by Alli

I found the cutest baseball-embellished flip-flops over on Pinterest and knew I had to recreate them. My baseball flip-flops turned out adorable. 

There were several ideas running around in my head to try for Hit or Miss Wednesday, but when I saw the picture of the very first link-up to our party, I knew immediately what this week’s project would be – Baseball Flip Flops!

Baseball Flip Flops are not new. And I understand that these flip-flops won’t appeal to everyone. However, my grandsons are in the middle of their Dixie Youth baseball season and I’m a huge fan.  I’m the fan with the “that’s my grandson out there” t-shirt on. 

It’s the first year my oldest grand has pitched, so I’ve been a little nervous this season. He also plays shortstop. I’m more comfortable with him playing shortstop.

Actually, this is a very easy project. If I can make baseball flip-flops, so can you!

I’m going to wear my new baseball flip flops to the grand’s baseball game tonight and I can’t wait for them to notice them (and they will – they notice everything).


How To Make Baseball Flip-Flops 

I knew it! My flip-flops are a big hit!  

I don’t see myself wearing these flip-flops anywhere except the baseball games, but that’s what I made them for.

DIY Baseball Flip Flops

DIY Baseball Flip-Flops – Click The Link Below!

You can find the inspiration for my latest Hit or Miss project here!  Make sure you watch the video. It’s awesome!

Note:  I have to admit that I was a little concerned about cutting out the baseball petals. And I confess that my cuts are not as perfect as the ones from the instructional video, but it’s all good. And I love how my flips turned out!

DIY-Baseball-Flip Flops

Have you had any hits or misses this week?  Do share!

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