Sharpie Crafts That Are Easy And Fun

by Alli

Sharpie Crafts are easy and fun to make. Let your imagination be your guide when it comes to creating a one-of-a-kind mug or other craft. I’m much better at cooking than crafting, but even I can personalize a mug. 

Who doesn’t love a good Sharpie? They’re fantastic markers, with one-of-a-kind strength and versatility.

But have you ever thought of using Sharpies for crafts? Let me tell you, it’s time to break your Sharpies out of the pen and marker storage and put them to use in a variety of pretty, interesting, do-it-yourself crafts around the house.   



Many people might not realize this, but what makes Sharpies so incredibly useful for crafts is that there are a lot more types of them than just the standard marker. There are different points to Sharpies, different colors, and different surface options, too.

For example, Sharpie water-based paint markers are an option for glass and can be used to draw on pantry jars or other organizers. Oil-based Sharpies, on the other hand, are perfect for ceramics, especially because you can set them in the oven. What else can you do with Sharpies?

You can decorate mugs (see the graphic below), tea towels, and more. You can also decorate lampshades, shoes, and jazz up your nails. 


I love how easy and inexpensive sharpie crafts are. I’ve even seen sharpie wallpaper done with a gold sharpie. It’s beautiful and I would have never guessed a sharpie was used to create the pattern. 

You can also use a gold sharpie to decorate mason jars. Just make random dots with gold (or any other color) sharpie. 

This graphic explains how to create a Sharpie Mug that lasts. 

What will you create with a sharpie?

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