Summertime Activities For The Family

by Alli

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When I was growing up, I could hardly wait until school was out for summer. Summer has always been my favorite time of the year and when that last bell rang signaling summer vacation, I plunged headfirst into seemingly endless summertime fun.

Looking back on those fun summer days inspired me to list 10 Fun Things You Must Do This Summer. Let the fun begin!

10 Fun Summertime Activities

1. Enjoy SONIC Ocean Water Slush Pops

When I was growing up, mom always kept the freezer stocked with twin pops. There’s nothing better than taking a break with your favorite pops.

These days, my family’s favorite summertime treat is the all-new SONIC Ocean Water Slushed Pops! You can find them in the ice cream freezer aisle at your local Walmart. Since I’m a coconut lover, these are right up my alley.

Have Fun in the Summertime

Whenever the grandkids come over for a slumber party or just to spend an afternoon with me,  I make sure my freezer is stocked with SONIC Ocean Water Slushed Pops. It’s a taste of the tropics that the entire family can enjoy.

Summertime Activities For the Family - kids eating slushed pops

2. Unplug From Social Media and Hang Out With Real Friends

I admit that I’m attached to my phone and I’ve been known to spend more time than I should on social media. I’ve made a commitment to spend more one-on-one time with real friends and less time checking my social media accounts. Summertime just got a whole lot better! 

3. Enjoy the Fragrance of Honeysuckle

Honeysuckle Vine - Summertime Activities

Whenever I catch a scent of honeysuckle, it takes me back to those endless summer days of my childhood. If I could only bottle that scent . . .

4. Have a BBQ – Invite all your friends and make this summertime activity a potluck! 

Summertime Fun - Have a BBQ

We cook on the grill just about every night during this time of the year. I enjoy inviting the family over for my famous grilled ribs with a fresh blackberry glaze.

If you’re having a potluck, you supply the burgers or ribs and ask guests to bring side dishes or dessert. 

5. Watch Fireworks

I always look forward to the 4th of July! We attend a huge family-friendly event at our church and the grand finale fireworks are spectacular.

6. Smell Freshly Mowed Grass

Whenever I spot someone mowing the grass while driving down the road, I immediately let the windows down so I can get a sniff of that freshly mowed grass. This smell will always be one of my favorite summertime scents.

7. Dance in The Rain

Dance in the Rain - Summertime Fun

When’s the last time you danced in the rain? If it’s not raining, turn on the sprinkler and have a blast with the kids. This is one summertime activity that the kids will be excited about. 

Please make sure it’s not thundering and lightning when you’re dancing in the rain! 

8. Watch a Baseball Game

It doesn’t matter if you attend a baseball game in a huge stadium or support your local rec team, baseball is one of our favorite summer pastimes.

We have five grandsons and we rarely miss any of their games. 

Play Ball - Summertime Fun

9. Take a Road Trip

10 Things You Must Do This Summer - Summertime Fun

Visit some interesting places in your state or take a trip across the country. I’ve always wanted to take a cross-country road trip. Maybe this is the summer to check road-tripping off my bucket list.

10. Visit the Beach – Favorite Summertime Activities

Fun Things to Do This Summer - Summertime Fun!

And watch the sunrise!

Sunset - Summertime Fun

Whatever your plans are for summer, be sure and take time to enjoy the season and all the fun summertime activities. Oh, and grab a box of SONIC Ocean Water Slush Pops. You’re in for a treat!

Sonic Slushed Pops - Blue Ocean - Summertime Fun

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