Thanksgiving Day is a Happy Day!

by Alli

I remember it as if it was yesterday – the Thanksgiving Musical at my children’s school. The kids come bounding onto the stage. They are fully arrayed in their Pilgrim and American Indian costumes. They are singing Thanksgiving Day is a happy day when we say thank you, Lord . . . 

Thanksgiving Tablescape1

And every time the word Thanksgiving has been uttered since then, that song replays itself in my head. There are also visions of crimson and golden leaves swirling slowly to the ground. The tantalizing smells of pumpkin pies are wafting from the oven. The decadent creamy, coffee-kissed taste of my famous mocha punch.

The recipe for Mocha Punch has already been posted here. You MUST make mocha punch on Thanksgiving Day!  Really!

Yes, my Thanksgiving week is also filled with the hustle and bustle of grocery shopping, last-minute cleaning, and a time-line to get it all done.  We have Thanksgiving Dinner at 6:00 pm sharp!  By then I’ve about decided that I no longer like to cook and I’m not cooking another thing as long as I live! 🙂

Children's Table1

The Family Gathers

But then the family gathers around the food-laden table, with hands folded and heads bowed in thanks to God, who is so generous and full of mercy and grace. I forget about the fatigue. Instead, I look into the eyes of my family – my husband, children, and grandchildren – and realize that, yes, I am smitten with cooking and entertaining and I do it with a full and loving heart – toward God and toward them.

Thanksgiving Day Is A Happy Day

So, as Thanksgiving Day approaches, I would like to wish you, my dear reader, a very, very happy Thanksgiving – from my house to yours – because Thanksgiving Day is a happy day when we say thank you, Lord! So, I’ve included some photos of my Thanksgiving Day Table. Cheers (clinking glasses filled with a delicious mocha punch)!  Bon Appetit!

fall placesetting


Grandchildren's Table

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