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Welcome to the Pretty Pintastic Party 182

Brrr and welcome to the Pretty Pintastic Party 182! Come on in! It finally turned cold (for us) here in the southeast. Add a drizzle of rain all day long and it’s actually pretty chilly. It’s the perfect weather for curling up on the sofa with a blanket and a good book. Last week my […]

Time to Party at the Pretty Pintastic Party 181

Welcome to the Pretty Pintastic Party 181! We are so glad you stopped by! I’m a little sluggish today because I’m detoxing from Halloween Candy Overload. I rarely eat candy. I can’t tell you when I’ve had a piece of candy. Until Halloween night. I munched on my favorite Peanut M&M’s and Butterfingers. I’m thankful […]

Welcome to Pretty Pintastic Party 180

Welcome to the Pretty Pintastic Party 180! We’re so glad you stopped by! Be sure and pin the features and check out all the latest and greatest. Welcome to the Pretty Pintastic Party 180, where every post is pinned & features are pinned by everyone! First, let’s meet the hosts: Jamie, Kerry, & Lucy from […]

Favorite Fall Apple Recipes and Pretty Pintastic Party 179

It’s Friday and it’s time for this week’s Pretty Pintastic Party 179! We’ve actually had a few cool days this week in South Carolina and I’m kinda getting in the mood for fall. When I think about apple pie, caramel apples and picking apples at the local apple orchard, I get really happy. When it […]

My Anniversary Week and Pretty Pintastic Party 178

Hi, y’all! Welcome to the Pretty Pintastic Party 178! If you’re new to the weekly link party, this is where bloggers add the links (at the bottom of this page) to their fabulous posts. We (you and I) get to browse through all the links, find some we really like, click the link and get […]

Recipes, DIY and More at Pretty Pintastic Party 177

Welcome to the Pretty Pintastic Party 177! I’m glad you stopped by. If this is your first visit, be sure and check out all the links at the end of the post. You’ll find the latest and greatest fall recipes and DIY projects galore. Let’s get this Pretty Pintastic Party 177 started! Welcome to the […]

Crazy Viral Facebook Video and Pretty Pintastic Party 176

Welcome to the Pretty Pintastic Party 176! So glad you stopped by! I have one question: Where in the world did September go? I mean, come on, it just arrived. Oh, well. Happy almost October! In case you missed it, I uploaded my very first food video to my Facebook page last week. Within 24 hours, […]

Pretty Pintastic Party 175 and a Crazy Week for Me

It’s been a crazy week. Welcome to the Pretty Pintastic Party 175! Y’all, my first ever food video I published on FB went crazy viral this week and crashed my website. I’m so glad it’s back up and running. So far, I’ve received 15 Million views on Facebook! Yes, 15 million. I’m pinching myself and […]

Pretty Pintastic Party 174 Plus Blog Recap

Welcome to the Pretty Pintastic Party 174! This is one crazy week! Hurricane Irma really packed a punch. Here in South Carolina, we experienced high winds, rain and power outages. My family in Middle GA had it much worse. My niece is still without power and my friend’s entire pecan orchard was uprooted. The trees […]

Pretty Pintastic Party 173 And Prayers for Hurricane Victims

Welcome to the Pretty Pintastic Party 173! My heart is breaking for all those affected by Hurricane Harvey and Irma. St. Maarten is one of my favorite islands to visit and seeing the devastation to the airport and reading about the death toll tugs at my heart and brings me to my knees in prayer. […]