20 Mouthwatering Pie Recipes

by Alli

When it comes to dessert, I’ll take a piece of the pie, please! Cakes are good but pie reigns supreme with me. There’s something about the crunch of the crust contrasting with the silky or nutty filling of a pie. These 20 Mouthwatering Pie Recipes will have you going back for seconds. 

What’s your favorite pie? That’s a hard one for me. During the summertime, I like cool, creamy pies like my Pina Colada Pie. Once fall rolls around, give me pecan pie, sweet potato, or pumpkin pie. 

My Sheet Pan Pecan Pie is always a huge hit during the holidays!

You are sure to find a pie you’ll love in this round-up of 20 favorite pies. From gluten-free Lemon Cream to Chocolate S’mores Pie, there’s a pie for everyone. 

Pie Recipes - Lemon Pie

History of Pies

Pies have been around for a really long time. According to the American Pie Council (Yes! it’s a thing!), pies were first made by early Romans who may have learned how to make pies from the Greek. 

The first pie recipe published by the Romans was a goat cheese and honey pie. I’ll have a slice, please!

Pies made its way to America with the first settlers. Over the years, the pie has become the most traditional American dessert. We’ve all heard the term, “As American as Apple Pie.” 

What is the Second Most Popular Pie in America?

The most popular pie in America, according to one survey, is apple pie. Duh – we all could pretty much guess that one.

You have to try my Upside Down Apple Pie. It has pecans! 

Pretty Pintastic Party 179 - Upside Down Apple Pie

I bet you couldn’t guess the second most popular pie. I had no clue! Pizza pie! Yep – pizza is the number two pie in America. I love a good pizza but it shouldn’t even be allowed in a pie popularity contest. It just shouldn’t.

Should Pies Be Refrigerated?

You should refrigerate pies if they contain milk, cream, or eggs. Fruit pies can be stored in the refrigerator or at room temperature for up to two days. 

Once a pie with milk, cream, or eggs has cooled, it should be refrigerated quickly. Once you take it out of the refrigerator, it should not be left out for over two hours. 

Personally, I refrigerate all pies after they have cooled. Then I bring them out about 30 minutes before serving.

Pies sitting out (and not refrigerated) in grocery stores contains preservatives and shelf-stable ingredients. That’s another good reason to bake pies from scratch – no weird ingredients. 

Can I Make a Pie Ahead of Time and Freeze It?

It all depends on what type of pie you’re making. You can freeze fruit pies, pumpkin pies, and chiffon pies. Custard pies do not freeze well at all. For the best-tasting pies, go ahead and make (and freeze) the pie shell ahead of time and make the filling the day you’re serving the pie.

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20 Mouthwatering Pie Recipes

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20 Mouthwatering Pie Recipes

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