Best Cupcake Recipes

by Alli

Cupcakes – they never go out of style! Give me a cupcake and I’m a happy camper. I like baking cupcakes almost as much as eating them so I decided to share my best cupcake recipes so you can pick your own favorite. 

I’d be hardpressed to name my favorite cupcake. I have so many, so I decided to put all my best cupcake recipes in one collection. I have lots of cupcake recipes so hold on to your hat and I may pick my absolute favorite at the end. Decisions. Decisions. 

Why Do We Love Cupcakes?

I like having my own individual dessert. Plus, the frosting is usually piled high so you get more frosting on a cupcake than a traditional slice of cake. 

Plus, you don’t even need plates or cutlery. And cupcakes are portable so you can walk around and eat. You may need a napkin. Just saying.

At one time, I was addicted to Cupcake Wars. I discovered cupcake flavors that I didn’t even know existed. 

When Were Cupcakes Invented?

Cupcakes were invented in the 1700s because they bake faster than a traditional cake. 

How Should I Eat A Cupcake?

Did you know they are different ways to eat a cupcake? I usually peel down one side of the liner and take a bite. However, there are many different ways to eat a cupcake.

Some people eat a cupcake sandwich style. They cut the cupcake in half and place the bottom part of the cupcake (cut side down) on the top part. That way the frosting is in the middle, kind of a like a whoopie pie. Makes sense, I guess.

I even read an article once about how the way you eat your cupcake reveals your personality. Well, okay.

What is the Most Popular Cupcake Flavor?

Well, it’s according to who you ask. Some polls have red velvet listed as the number one favorite. Others have chocolate or vanilla. 

Below, you will find my favorite and best cupcake recipes. These recipes are tried and true and have been made many times for parties and family get-togethers.  These are my favorite cupcakes for fall, summer and beyond. Enjoy! 

Best Cupcake Recipes You Will Love

Best Cupcake Recipes

These are my all-time favorite cupcake recipes according to friends and family.

Which cupcakes do you want to try first? What’s your favorite flavor?