Free Printable Easter Menu Planner And Recipes

by Alli

Easter is right around the corner! As a way to wish you a Happy Easter and to simplify your planning, I’ve got a beautiful free printable Easter Menu Planner and Shopping List. No strings attached. 

You can print the Easter Menu Planner at the end of this post! 

Can you believe that Easter is almost here? I always host a family Easter lunch after our morning church service. Whether you’re planning brunch or lunch, this handy planner will help you keep track of everything. 

It’s almost time for me to complete my Easter menu and decide which desserts to make. Thankfully, I can keep it all organized with this free printable Easter menu.

My free printable Thanksgiving Planner is wildly popular so I thought I’d add a simple one-page planner for Easter. 

Whether you are planning an Easter brunch or a big lunch (like I do), this pretty planner will help you stay organized. (You can print it out at the end of this post.) Did I mention it was free with absolutely no strings attached!)

Here is what the free printable looks like. Isn’t it pretty?

I like that you can actually snip the shopping list off to take it to the grocery store or leave it attached and order your groceries online. Either way works for me. 

In the past, I’ve been known to jot down menus on napkins. This is such a prettier way to keep track of everything. Don’t you agree?

Easter Recipe Ideas To Add To Your Menu 

My main dish menu pretty much stays the same each year. The star is always a ham with pineapple peach glaze. You’ll find the recipe down below. 

I sometimes delete a side dish and add another. The one thing I always change around is the dessert buffet. I try to mix things up and I always bake lemon bars for the grandkids. It’s a favorite!

If you’re looking for some new recipe ideas to add to your Easter menu, I’ve got you covered. And don’t forget to print out the FREE Easter Menu Planner and Shopping List after you take a look at my favorite recipes to serve on Easter Sunday.

Easter Recipe Ideas

I'm including my favorite Easter Recipes to go along with the free printable Easter Menu and Shopping List.

Print The Free Easter Menu & Shopping List Down Below

You can print out this free printable right here: Easter Menu and Shopping List

Happy Easter! 

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