Mocktails – Best Alcohol-Free Drinks

by Alli

Mocktails – Best Alcohol-Free drinks are beverages that everyone can enjoy. These drinks typically include fruit juices and other soft drinks.

Mocktails are fruity, fun and popular with all ages. You’ll want to check out all of my Mocktails – Best Alcohol-Free drinks below. 

Mocktails – Alcohol-Free Drinks – Gaining Popularity

I was so glad when mocktails gained popularity back in the late 70s. These festive party drinks are designed for people who choose not to drink alcoholic beverages but want a fun and festive drink. 

There are now bars that only serve non-alcohol drinks. These are called sober bars and they cater to people who want to have fun without alcohol. Who knew this would ever be a thing?

Over the years, I’ve created many non-alcohol drinks. One of my favorite summertime drinks is a margarita mocktail.

Bahama Mama Mocktail Cinco de Mayo Recipes - Faux Pink Champagne - Cherry Margarita Mocktail with garnishes

I always like to celebrate Cinco de Mayo with my Margarita mocktails. You’ll find the recipes below. 

Margarita Mocktails - Best Alcohol-Free Drinks

During the winter months, I’m all about a Cranberry Apple Spritzer.

Cranberry-Spritzer-Mocktail - Mocktails - Best Alcohol-Free Drinks

If you’re hosting a party, it’s thoughtful to include a non-alcoholic drink for pregnant women, kids and people like me who don’t drink alcoholic beverages. 

You’ll find all my favorite Mocktails – Best Alcohol-Free Drinks below. Cheers! 

Mocktails – Best Alcohol-Free Drinks 

Lately, I’ve been addicted to my Frozen Guava Margarita Mocktail. It’s absolutely amazing. You’ll find the recipe below. 

Best Mocktails - Alcohol-Free Drinks

These mocktails are tried-and-true recipes that I make time and time again. They are all refreshing, fun and festive drinks. Cheers!

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